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Taffeta Bridesmaid Dresses – Flattering Plus Size Styles!


Taffeta Bridesmaid DressesTaffeta is a crisp and smooth fabric that moves with your body while providing an ample amount of coverage with just the right amount of shine and sheen-ideal for plus size figures! Therefore, choosing taffeta bridesmaid dresses is a no brainer for your upcoming wedding day ceremony and reception. Some plus size women may feel stressed when trying on plus size bridesmaid dresses, but the cut and material of a dress makes all the difference. Here is how you can make trying on taffeta bridesmaid dresses fun and stress-free.

The number one rule of trying on bridesmaid dresses is to adorn your body with bridal undergarments. Slips, smoothing underwear, the infamous Spanx, or camisoles provide an extra layer of coverage and creates smooth lines and curves while pulling you together. Some lines of slimming undergarments even boast that their products take a whole inch off of your measurements. Once your base is covered, experiment with a variety of taffeta bridesmaid dresses to adorn shapely canvases.

Styles like an A-line cut are universally flattering on most body types. This is because the cut defines a waist and then slightly flares out so it does not sit too snugly on the hips or backside. Empire cuts also look flattering on plus size figures. They cinch at the bust line, slightly above the waist, and are worn straight and loose around the mid and bottom section of the body.

Halter top styles provide an element of style but add some support for large busts and look beautiful on a taffeta dress. Long hem lined dresses are also ideal for plus size figures who want to cover their legs. When worn long, opt to choose silk taffeta bridesmaid dresses, as they will look gorgeous and appropriate for any wedding season setting.

Because taffeta bridesmaid dresses have a silky shine to them, they are able to be paired with a variety of jewelry and accessories. Opt to wear statement pieces like an oversized rhinestone necklace, large sparkly earrings, or a floral accent on a barrette or headband. All accessories pull the eye upward, taking some emphasis off the lower section of the body.
Ultimately, your bridesmaids have to love the look and feel of the dresses they wear on your wedding day. By utilizing these helpful tips, you can ensure a successful and fun dress shopping experience, resulting in purchases your bridesmaids, no matter their shape or size, will be excited to wear.

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