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Tiffany Blue Wedding Shoes – Bridesmaid Dresses And Flowers Ideas

By November 23, 2012No Comments

Tiffany Blue Wedding ShoesEveryone recognizes the classic and elegant color, Tiffany blue. Since it is good luck to wear something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue; you can wear Tiffany blue wedding shoes on your special day. Read on to learn about how you can select bridesmaid dresses and flowers that will complement these striking blue shoes for wedding.

If your bridesmaids are wearing white bridesmaid dresses, adding a blue shoe will liven up their look. Be sure that their dresses are cut short or have a tea length hemline so the Tiffany blue wedding shoes can be seen. You can keep the shoes as the main focal point and color accent by pairing them with white bridal bouquets. Or, you can add blue accents into a white and green bridal bouquet for a cohesive look. Pairing white and Tiffany blue together is a great look for spring and summer weddings.

In case your bridesmaids choose pale yellow gowns, you can create a contrasting yet complementary look by pairing them with Tiffany blue satin shoes. Then, try adding deep midnight blue flowers into bridesmaids bouquets to enhance this two toned look which is perfect for spring.

Grey dresses are also growing in popularity with modern brides to be. They are a chic alternative to basic black dresses, the ultimate neutral tone that works well with virtually any other color of flowers or accessories, especially Tiffany blue wedding shoes. Try pairing grey bridesmaid dresses with Tiffany blue strappy sandals and soft pink hydrangeas and peonies for spring and summer weddings, and a hearty bouquet consisting of sunflowers, field greens, and golden mums for fall weddings.

You may also wish to allow bridesmaids to select their own style of Tiffany blue shoes to pair with their dresses. Some may wish to choose plain flats, while others may choose stiletto heels. Bridesmaids who also opt to wear differing blue shoes can also wear a variety of embellishments on them as well. Have some wear them with rhinestones, some with feathers, and some with bows. This will liven up the look of the light blue shoe for any season. You can also chose to alternate blue and silver shoes with bridesmaids for winter of spring weddings.

Tiffany blue wedding shoes are most appropriate to be worn during spring and summer weddings. There are a number of color combinations you can try pairing them next to your bridesmaids’ dresses and bouquet flowers for your upcoming wedding.

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