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Tips To Choosing A Wedding Dress For Cathedral Veil With Blusher!


Cathedral Veil A cathedral veil with a blusher creates the ultimate wedding day look. When a bride walks down the aisle in a church wearing a cathedral length veil with her face modestly covered, a statement can’t help but be made. The bride consciously chooses to embrace a classy and traditional dream bride image from head to toe. Read on to learn some tips to help you choose a wedding gown that complements a cathedral veil and blusher.

Veils and blushers have an extensive history. Some say they were worn over the face to ward evil spirits off. Some say covering a bride’s face protected them from getting the evil eye from people who were not of good intentions. Others believe a husband could not see his bride’s face because they were a part of an arranged marriage agreement. Either way, veils with blushers have come a long way since then. Modern brides usually opt not to cover their face, but those who choose to stick with tradition end up looking romantic, feminine, and chic.

If you already have your mind set on a long veil, you should opt for a long wedding dress. The rule of thumb with dresses and veils is that your veil should not be longer than your dress. Therefore short wedding dresses should be paired with birdcage veils or short veils that hit your shoulders or mid back range.

A cathedral length wedding veil and a blusher looks most appropriate with conservative wedding dress styles and silhouettes. Long and elegant silk chiffon dresses in an A-line silhouette are one of the most complementary dresses to pair with the long veil accessory. A mantilla veil is a long veil with lace or scalloped embellished edges that completely cover the head and fall over the shoulders to the bust or wait line, depending on their length. This modest look is appropriate for formal church ceremonies and receptions and is usually embraced by the Catholic faith.

One important tip when opting to wear a cathedral veil that covers your face is to purchase a blusher separately. Many bridal retailers online or in stores offer blushers attached to combs that you can easily slide into the top of your scalp without interrupting your hair do. This also allows you to easily remove it after your church ceremony and leaves your veil intact, if desired.

If you desire a cathedral veil and a blusher, be sure to abide by some of the tips above to create a classy and elegant bride to be look.

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