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Bachelorette Party

Top 10 Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt Ideas

By June 11, 2011September 25th, 2012No Comments

Bachelorette Scavenger HuntBachelorette scavenger hunt is a game that is created to take a bride and her guests out of their comfort zones in a good way, have a good time with laughs and fun bachelorette party stories to remember for years to come. The best advice is to find out what kind of bachelorette party your bride would like to have, a wild bachelorette party or a classier and more sophisticated party where she could invite her mother and mother-in-law to be. The selection of bachelorette scavenger hunt game tasks will depend mostly on the type of bachelorette party you choose to have.

Listed below you will find top 10 bachelorette scavenger hunt ideas starting with classy and ending with some naughty ones.

1. Instead of choosing a rowdy bar or a night club as a destination for your bachelorette party, pick a Spa or have spa professionals come to your home for some pampering and clean bachelorette party games like painting your nails a crazy color, applying a henna drawing on your body or treating yourself to a chocolate foot bath.

2. Invite a make up artist and a photographer to your home and have one of the best bachelorette scavenger hunts without the need of kissing strangers or acting trashy. You and your guests can try on exotic make up looks and take great memories home.

3. Personal chefs can help you arrange fantastic and off the beaten path bachelorette scavenger hunt games centered around great foods and spirits.

4. Why not host an adult dress up bachelorette scavenger hunt game by enlisting a local fashion designer and trying on new and edgy fashion creations that you and your guests can buy after the party.

5. This is one of the classy bachelorette party ideas that will not require you to get into embarrassing predicaments in front of your future mother-in-law or your girlfriends. Go to a local playground and bring your camcorder, record kids giving their best wedding wishes for a successful marriage (assumed you get their parents’ consent). Watching kids saying wishes could result in lots and lots of fun and good laughs.

6. Perhaps you can find a couple who have been married for a long time and record their video message for a bride to be on how to build a long lasting marriage.

7. If you still want to have a traditional bachelorette scavenger hunt party and go bar hopping, one of the things your bride can do is locate a guy with the same name as her future husband and take a picture with him.

8. Asking business cards from strangers from your local bar serves a dual purpose, everyone has fun and your single girlfriend can walk away with a guy of her dreams.

9. A bride to be has to collect several articles of men clothing like socks, ties and t-shirts or other more intimate articles of men’s apparel depending on how wild you want to go on your bachelorette scavenger hunt night.

10. Ask guys at the bar to write down their best sex advice to a soon to be married couple on a napkin for you to take home.

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