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Top 10 Backyard Wedding Reception Ideas

By August 11, 2011April 11th, 2012No Comments

Backyard Wedding Reception IdeasWhen planning the perfect wedding, many people are choosing to have the reception in their own backyard. This can be much more cost effective and intimate for the bride and groom as well as the guests. There are many fun backyard wedding reception ideas that will make this wedding just as special as if it were held in a grand ballroom. Below is a list of the top ten backyard wedding reception ideas.

1. Plant flowers early and be sure that they are the appropriate flowers for the season. Make sure they are well taken care of so that they are not wilted or worse for the reception.

2. It is smart to rent a large tent that will cover most of the backyard. This is a good idea just in case the weather is less than favorable. It will also make decorating easier.

3. Use Japanese or Chinese lanterns throughout the backyard. Also add some white Christmas lights. These are a must-have if you are having an evening reception. Be sure to have a generator to plug these into. Most homes cannot accommodate the power it takes to fully light up a large tent.

4. Rent tables and chairs for the guests. Also don’t forget to either buy or rent table cloths and wedding chair covers in colors that will match the wedding theme.

5. If you have an in ground pool you can float rose petals and/or place floating votive candles. This will give a beautiful romantic feel to the backyard.

6. Go to a craft or fabric store and buy ribbons, silk flowers and tulle or other flowing materials that you can make beautiful aisle decorations for weddings.

7. Consider having a buffet style meal. This will save from having to hire waiters. Be sure not to have food that is too messy as you don’t want to ruin the wedding dress nor have any of the other guests ruin their beautiful clothes.

8. Get the bridesmaids together as well as some of the family and make some creative wedding centerpieces. You can use fresh flowers from your garden if you choose, or buy silk flowers from a craft store.

9. If you are looking for some vintage wedding decoration ideas you can consider visiting an antique store and pick up some vintage pieces such as table cloths or candle holders. This would be a great choice if the bride is wearing a vintage wedding dress. It would make a lovely theme for the wedding and reception.

10. If you are hiring a caterer or florist, be sure to have them come to the location ahead of time. If you backyard is not level they will have to make adjustments. It would not do to have the cake topple over because of an unstable table.

Among these there are many other fun backyard wedding reception ideas that would make your wedding a night to remember. The best thing to do is to hire a wedding planner. He or she will know exactly what is entailed to make the reception come off without a hitch. They will also have their own tried and true backyard wedding reception ideas that you may not have thought of.

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