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Top 10 Best Marriage Proposals Of All Times

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Best Marriage ProposalsPlanning a marriage proposal can be a daunting event. There are many fun and unique proposal ideas. The important thing is to tailor the proposal to fit the couple. Whether the couple is a classically romantic or the outdoorsy type, there are proposals that will make this day special and memorable. Below is a list of the top 10 best marriage proposals of all times.

1. There is a reason this one is a classic as well as one of the best marriage proposals. It has been done numerous times and still works. Take your perspective bride out to dinner and arrange to have the ring either in the champagne or tied to the stem of a red rose, symbol of everlasting love.

2. You may also want to try and go the more traditional route. Try asking her father for her hand in marriage. Once the consent is given, plan to ask during a family event. Take her to a private place and propose then announcing the engagement to the entire family.

3. Another memorable as well as one of the best marriage proposals is to plan a Christmas proposal. Decorate a Christmas tree with white lights. The only ornament on the tree is the box with the ring inside. When she sees it, pop the question.

4. If the couple is sports fans, arrange to have the proposal written on the scoreboard. Be sure to have the ring out and ready when she reads the message.

5. You can also plan a romantic getaway. After you go down to breakfast, you can sneak back to the room and make the bed. Instead of mints on the pillows, place the ring on the pillow. Be sure to come back to the room so she is able to find it.

6. One of the most romantic proposal ideas is a hot air balloon ride. Many of these companies may offer packages that include a set table and a full meal. Plan to hide the ring in her dessert. This is best done at sunup or sunset.

7. During a romantic evening, present three roses to the lady. Tell her that the first one represents the past, the second represents the present, and the third (with the ring tied to the stem) represents the future.

8. Plan a day at the beach. Write your proposal and put it into a bottle and put it where she is sure to find it. This is sure to surprise her and make this your special spot.

9. Plan a scavenger hunt. Place little clues on stick- it notes around the house. Be sure to be at the end of the hunt on bended knee with the ring in hand.

10. For the more mature couple and absolutely one of the best marriage proposals is in Hawaii. Plan a romantic trip to Hawaii for the two of you. You can make this a proposal and wedding in one shot. Hawaii’s wedding requirements are much less than most other states. Plan the entire wedding from the dress to the guests to the reception. Have the guests hiding in the restaurant when you pop the question. Once she has accepted, share the surprise of her friends and family and the soon to be wedding.

It is important that when you plan the proposal you be sure to plan something special and meaningful for the both of you as a couple. If there is to be an engagement party, be sure to tell the guests how the proposal took place. This may help them come up with unique and fun engagement present ideas or the perfect engagement party gift.

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