Top 10 Bridal Shower Themes And Ideas

Bridal Shower Themes And IdeasYour selection of bridal shower themes and ideas will mostly depend on a personality of your bride to be. Is she funky or mainstream, feminine or more of a tomboy type, urban or country? Find out which bridal shower themes and ideas she actually likes. A good starting point is to check wedding magazines or internet sites. We have done some of the work for you here and below you will find a list of top 10 most popular bridal shower themes and ideas.

1. Are your bride and her groom heading for a tropical honeymoon destination after their wedding day? Why not pick a Hawaiian bridal shower theme with playing island bridal shower songs and having all guests wear flowery outfits and Maui flower leis. For your Hawaiian bridal shower menu ideas pick dishes with tropical ingredients like coconut, mango, pineapple and kiwi.

2. Does it feel like the bride to be is still stuck in the 90’s era? Why not consider a 90’s inspired bridal shower theme. In your bridal shower invite wording, request guests wear their best 90’s outfits. Play 90’s music and think of the bridal shower trivia questions that will take the bride to be and her guest back into the 90’s era.

3. Western bridal shower theme will bring out a cowgirl in any bride to be! The bride to be can wear her best western hat and pair of boots. It’s best to plan your western bridal shower theme outside, arrange a several stacks of hay for guest to sit on. Serving southern food dishes and iced tea would complete your ultimate cowgirl bridal shower.

4. Gothic bridal shower theme might not be for everybody but nevertheless could be a good idea if your bride to be is a fan of gothic culture. Black, red color and rich color schemes are all a must to bring the gothic flavor to the bridal shower.

5. Diva bridal shower theme is perhaps one of the most popular in the recent years. It’s all about glamour and style, purses and lipsticks, high heels and martini glasses. Arrange your bridal shower games like a bridal words scrabble around diva beauty items and accessories. Your guests are sure to have lots of fun and win a few prizes.

6. Bridal shower Tea Party is perhaps the most enjoyable to plan and you will almost always end up with perfect results. Serve tiny tea sandwiches, jam scones, cookies along with a selection of teas your guests can help themselves to (Aesthetics International Dubai). Most of menu items can be prepared in advance which frees up more time for fun games and bridal shower entertainment.

7. If your bride just can’t live without sun and ocean, beach bridal shower theme is just what she needs. This is perhaps the most relaxed theme that could be enjoyed at the beach or in your backyard, especially if you own a pool. Serve light poolside favorite dishes and drinks completed with colorful straws and tableware.

8. If your bride to be is a Spa connoisseur and enjoys being pampered, consider planning a Spa themed bridal shower for her. Perhaps you can ask a few spa professionals to make a house call and treat the bride and her guests to manicures, pedicures or facials. Guest can also bring spa gift certificates or bride’s favorite beauty products.

9. Pajama bridal shower theme is a really laid back event. Guests are literally invited to roll out of their beds and arrive to the bridal shower party. To make it even more playful, suggest guests bring bedroom inspired gifts like high end linens, bedroom décor items, bathrobes and sleepwear.

10. Jack & Jill bridal showers are not just for ladies, guys are also invited. For this particular shower theme, focus on one specific aspect in the couple’s life like their pending honeymoon or perhaps their mutual passion for good food and wine. Ask each guest to bring a theme specific gift to provide a new couple with all the necessary components for their ultimate life journey together.

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