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Top 10 Christian Wedding Ceremony Program Rules

By October 27, 2011April 10th, 2012No Comments

Christian Wedding CeremonyWedding program wording varies from ceremony to ceremony and there are many rules of thumb you can follow. If you are having a Christian wedding ceremony and are not sure what to include in your program, here is a list of the Top 10 Christian wedding ceremony program rules:

1. Christian wedding programs have many of the same elements as other programs, i.e. bridal party names, wedding program thank you message and the order of the service.

2. A Christian program will explain a part of the ceremony that is exclusive to your faith.

3. Wedding programs verbiage can hold scripture that the bride and groom feel is pertinent to their union, or perhaps lyrics to a special song for the service.

4. Christian wedding ceremony program examples can also help you decide what you would like for your wedding program cover. Whether you want a short scripture on the front, or a blessing for your union, wedding ceremony program examples from Christian weddings will give you a feel for the classic rules to creating your program.

5. Make sure you include information about the church such as the name of the pastor or preacher, times of regular services and perhaps any special event coming up. One of your wedding guests might want to return to this special place where they witnessed you recite your vows.

6. If you and your spouse-to-be do not follow the same church or religion, you can have someone bless your union from the other church. Make sure you include a special thank you to the additional Reverend, Rabbi, Imam or Priest in the program, and if possible, add information about their place of worship as well.

7. Include any changes to the itinerary in the day that was not sent out with the invitation.

8. Offer a donation envelope so that your guests can give a small token of appreciation to the church that is holding your ceremony.

9. Include references to Bible versus that will be read out loud so that the congregation can find the passages easily.

10. Thank your bridal party and parents, the guests for coming, the preacher for performing your Christian wedding ceremony and, most importantly, the Lord for blessing your special day.

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