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Top 10 Classic Car Rentals For Weddings Secret Tips

By October 5, 2011January 16th, 2020No Comments

Classic Car Rentals For WeddingsRenting a limousine for your wedding is another decision in a long line of wedding details. With so many limousine choices out there, which one is right for you? Do you want to look ultra-modern and choose a stretch Hummer? Or do you want to recreate a fairytale romance and book a Cinderella carriage? Do you need a stretch limo to fit a large bridal party, or are you looking at classic car rentals for weddings? If you have always dreamed of the latter, here are 10 classic car rentals for weddings secret tips:

1. Classic car rentals for weddings are unique and elegant, but make sure you are not paying for dents or scratches you did not create! When it is time to sign your limo bus rental agreement, if you have chosen a classic car, make sure you go over every part of the car and sign off on any damages you see.

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2. Ask the car service ahead of time about wedding car decoration limitations.

3. Shop around. Sometimes classic car rentals for weddings work on consignment with car owners. The same car might be cheaper with a different company.

4. Make sure the bridal gown fits into the classic car that you select.

5. Negotiate pricing based on the number of guests you have. Promotional opportunities are valuable to any company.

6. Begin calling rental companies well in advance of your wedding day.

7. Research classic car clubs. If you can find a classic car owner that would be willing to transport you to and from your wedding, you might be able to save on exorbitant rental fees.

8. Ask your parents, or parents of your spouse-to-be, if there are any memories with certain cars from the past to make your choice a sentimental one.

9. Choose the classic car that best fits your wedding whether your theme is vintage, elegant or very romantic.

10. Ask about hidden fees like overage in hours, fuel surcharge and deposit restrictions.

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