Top 10 Clean Bachelor Party Ideas


Clean Bachelor Party IdeasIt can be difficult to find clean bachelor party ideas in this day and age, however there are many ways to have a great bachelor party and not engage in all of the “traditional” party behavior. So, get out your bachelor party checklist, and add some of our ideas to your party planning!

1. First, you should check out your bachelor party invites. If there are people on the invitation list that prefer wild and crazy all night binges, you may want to consider narrowing the scope of the invites. The party can be a “close friends and family only” party if need be.

2. Consider combining the bachelor party with the bachelorette party. This way everyone can enjoy the evening together and the bride and groom-to-be can plan their joint event with clean bachelor party ideas in mind.

3. Other clean bachelor party ideas include making a reservation at a fine dining restaurant. You can enjoy a 6-course meal or ask for a private wine tasting.

4. If you are looking for Christian bachelor party ideas, consider a special service at your church before going out for a meal. A blessing from your priest, pastor or whoever leads your services will be a great start for the night.

5. Ask one of the attendees to host the party at his house. You can arrange a card game, a BBQ or maybe a video game or movie night.

6. Plan an outing to a sports arena with everyone.

7. For more clean bachelor party ideas, take the groom-to-be hunting or fishing or just camping for the weekend.

8. What about a trip out of town? There are several places to have a great time and still keep the party clean, even in Las Vegas! Other fun cities include Chicago, New Orleans and don’t forget New York! For bachelor party ideas NYC is the city to visit!

9. One of the top clean bachelor party ideas is paintball! Grab all of the groom’s friends and plan a day at a paintball facility. It will be a party to remember.

10. If the groom prefers a clean bachelor party, include him in the planning. Ask him what he would like to do or where he would like to go. This way, there won’t be any mistakes that can cause him to be uncomfortable.

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