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Top 10 Destination Wedding Locations In Europe

By June 1, 2011May 8th, 2018No Comments

Top 10 Destination Wedding LocationsEurope with its rich history, centuries old traditions and incredible landscapes makes one perfect destination for a great wedding. Our top 10 destination wedding locations in Europe article will present some of the greatest choices for you to look into. While planning a beach wedding in Europe is less common, Europe offers a plethora of unique castles and cultural hotspots ideal for romantic wedding destinations.

1. Leeds Castle in Kent, England is a centuries old castle tucked away in a typical English countryside boasting some of the most romantic sights and views of old England. The Leeds Castle offers a selection of lavish rooms suitable for celebrating your ultimate European wedding and plenty of rooms to host couples and wedding guests.

2. Grand Hotel in Florence, Italy. Italy with its mild Mediterranean climate, incredible architecture and cultural heritage, and mouthwatering cuisine offers its fair share among top 10 destination wedding locations. Grand Hotel in Florence allows couples to stage a perfect fairy tale wedding inside the walls of this 18th century’s palace that is now one of the most luxurious hotels in Italy.

3. Le Châteaux d’Esclimont in France. There’s no better place in the entire world for saying your marital vows than France. Located a short ride away from the heart of Paris and in close proximity to the Versailles Palace, this majestic palace allows you to celebrate your wedding in high style surrounded by stunning views of French countryside. You and your guests can enjoy hiking, fishing and horseback riding before and after your ceremony.

4. Notre Dame de Pins Church in Cannes, France is a grand location for connecting your lives in a marriage union. Many nearby French Riviera beachfront resorts are popular destination wedding locations for hosting incredible wedding receptions.

5. London Zoo, England is not your common place to get married but nonetheless a very unique spot for your European destination wedding. The Mappin Pavilion at the London Zoo that provides stunning views of the roaming animals is an ideal place for hosting an intimate destination wedding event.

6. Church of the Immaculate Conception in Antibes, France with its long history of blessing all sailors setting on long and dangerous sea explorations in the old times is one of the unusual weddings locales. Situated in a cozy harbor setting with beautiful sea views, this Church could serve as a perfect spot for saying your wedding vows.

7. Piazza del Campo in Sienna, Tuscany, Italy. The city of Sienna still holds its 13th century flair allowing you and your guests to enjoy Italian Medieval wedding at its best.

8. Inverlochy Castle Hotel in Scotland is one of the top 10 destination wedding locations due to its award winning service and breathtaking natural beauty of its surroundings. You can plan a small wedding celebration of up to 80 guests in either the Drawing Room or the Great Hall.

9. Culcreuch Castle in Scotland. Following Madonna’s and other celebrities’ footsteps more and more couples are opting for traditional Scottish wedding celebrations. Having your wedding at the Culcreuch Castle in Scotland with its experienced wedding planning staff will ensure that your destination wedding checklist is followed to a tee. This 14th century castle offers stunning grounds for holding one of the most amazing destination weddings in Europe.

10. Grand Hotel Kempinski in Slovakia offers some of the off the beaten path wedding celebrations in Eastern Europe. Grand Hotel Kempinski features the finest European amenities, including marble balconies and lavish interior set at a perfect backdrop of the High Tatras.

While considering one of the top 10 destination wedding locations in Europe, it’s important to keep in mind some rather strict residency requirements if you wish to legally register your wedding in one of European countries. Most couples choose to have a legal marriage ceremony in the USA followed by a symbolic wedding celebration abroad. In addition, accounting for higher than average European destination wedding cost is a vital part of your wedding planning.

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