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Wedding Photography

Top 10 DIY Wedding Photography Tips And Tricks

By October 1, 2011September 21st, 2012No Comments

Wedding Photography Tips And TricksThe average wedding photography cost is roughly $1,000. If that is a little more than you want to spend, you might consider having someone you know who dabbles in photography take pictures for your special day. If you have a close friend who knows some wedding photography tips and tricks, get them on board for a reduced price or donated services as a wedding present. Here is a list of wedding photography tips and tricks so you can work with your photographer to make sure that donated or discounted services still provide you the shots you desire:

1. Ask your friend or family member if they have some kind of wedding photographer questionnaire. Regardless of how well you know this person, you still want quality shots and you want to let them know your vision for your wedding photos.

2. Make a list of the shots you want, and when you want them taken. Also provide your photographer with an itinerary of the ceremony and reception.

3. There are many wedding photography tips and tricks you will want your photographer to know. Ask to see previous work so that you know the scope of their work, talent and camera.

4. Look at wedding photography contracts, even if the services are donated.

5. Look at other photography styles that you like and see if your photographer friend knows any of their wedding photography tips and tricks. For example, if you are getting married at a winery, look at Napa Valley wedding photography to see what gorgeous views and poses their photographers use.

6. Encourage your photographer to bring back-up equipment such as extra batteries, cameras, lenses or memory cards.

7. Allow your DIY photographer to suggest some wedding photography tips and tricks. Depending on their skill level and experience, they are bringing photography knowledge to the table.

8. Ask for shots of different components of the wedding such as your rings on the ring bearer’s pillow.

9. See if there is a possibility of a second photographer. If you are employing a friend or family member, they want moments to celebrate with you as well as partake in the fun.

10. Ask your photographer to capitalize on the day’s quirks. When things don’t go as planned, this can create cute memories.

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