Top 10 Finger Foods For Wedding Reception


Finger Foods For Wedding ReceptionAfter the your wedding, your photographer will spend quite some time snapping away to give you hundreds of lovely pictures of your special day. What do you do with your guests in the meantime? Most couples choose to have a cocktail reception during this time. Soft drinks or libations can be offered, and you can have trays of fingers foods for wedding reception to keep your guests happy until you arrive! When choosing your wedding menus, ask your caterer if they offer finger food catering to help with the time consuming task of making the finger foods. However, it will be more cost-effective if you create your own appetizers for wedding reception guests.

Here is a list of the top ten finger foods for wedding reception cocktail parties:

1. Finger foods for weddings must always include a vegetarian option. An affordable and simple option is a veggie tray.

2. Mini-pizzas are always a favorite when you are thinking about finger foods for wedding reception cocktail hour.

3. Spring rolls are also a great choice, and can be made from home with some creativity and patience!

4. Along the same theme, wontons or sushi are also popular choices.

5. Don’t forget the sweets! Mini-cheesecakes will always be a favorite when it comes to finger foods for wedding reception and any gathering!

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6. The smaller the finger food, the more variety you can potentially offer. Mini-quiches or stuffed mushrooms are great choices!

7. A fondue station, whether it is cheese or chocolate, is a nice addition to your wedding reception appetizers.

8. Deviled eggs are a finger food option that you can make at home to save on your budget.

9. Swedish meatballs or mini-hotdogs are also safe choices and can again be made at home.

10. Make cupcakes for your guests who have a sweet tooth and won’t want to wait for a wedding cake.

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