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Wedding Etiquette

Top 10 Funny Wedding Toasts

By June 25, 2011April 11th, 2012No Comments

Funny Wedding ToastsAre you planning on giving a wedding speech and looking for some funny wedding toasts suggestions? Wedding speech etiquette suggests that you keep even your funny wedding toasts classy and refrain from any vulgarities or suggestive jokes that are simply inappropriate at a formal wedding event. Keep your funny wedding toasts light and simple to help everyone have a good time and continue any wedding event on the right note.

1. The father of the bride traditionally holds the first formal speech at the wedding. Why not add sprinkle of laughter and say a funny wedding toast that your young couple can actually put to good use. There are two secrets to a happy marriage, a very good sense of humor and a very poor memory.

2. The best man usually takes over and says the next speech after the father of the bride. These funny wedding toasts are usually either really good or disastrous. Some best men like to dwell on groom’s especially embarrassing childhood events they had witnessed over the years or even try to give the young couple an advice on sex life. Our best piece of advice is to keep it funny and not trashy. Let’s toast to the bride’s bravery of choosing a husband like our groom and may Lord bless her and give her endurance to tolerate his nightly snoring!

3. The groom may continue funny wedding toasts tradition and by saying a toast like this one, for example. I toast to my wife and her sharing all the joys of married life with me including doing the dishes.

4. Maid of honor speech can also be kept in the best humorous traditions. Our bride had to smooch a lot of toads before she finally found a beautiful prince, her now husband John.

5. Brides’ speeches do not have to be serious or too general. Not at all, you can certainly add a sprinkle of laughter to your toast and relate to your big event. I have not only found a guy who I can live with, I found the one whom I can not live without.

6. Wedding guests’ funny wedding toasts can include funny quotes and personal reflections on the matter of love and marriage. When you look for a husband, do not look for a guy without bad habits, look for the guy whose bad habits you can live with.

7. In love we lose our senses, it’s only once we are married we realize the consequences of our senselessness.

8. It’s easy to find somebody to love, it’s is, however, hard to love whom you have found.

9. It’s really useful for a young couple to hear marriage advice in a joke form. The only right phrase out there is “You are absolutely right, my Dear”.

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