Top 10 Grecian Wedding Dresses Ideas For A Casual Wedding


Grecian Wedding DressesLook like a Greek goddess on your wedding day wearing a Grecian wedding dress. Grecian wedding dresses look light, airy, and are draped with luxury. They come in a variety of necklines and fall into similar silhouettes, creating a long and streamlined look. Read on to learn how to incorporate these dresses and their style elements into your casual wedding in 10 easy ways:

1. Most Greek wedding dresses have draping. Select a dress with front or side draping to gain instant coverage to the areas of your body you may sometimes describe as trouble areas.

2. Grecian wedding dresses come in a variety of necklines but they are mainly known for their cinching below the bust giving them the nickname empire waist wedding dresses. Opt for this silhouette in a material like knit jersey for a casual wedding.

3. If in search for informal wedding dresses, many Grecian dresses offer a simple design. A plain solid color in the shade of ivory, beige, or off-white with zero embellishments allows you to incorporate the style into your wedding without over the top sparkles and frills.

4. If choosing to wear a Grecian gown, asking your bridesmaids to also wear Grecian bridesmaid dresses sticks with the theme and can create a casual look when worn with sandals or flip flops for comfort and ease.

5. Wearing gold flip flops or strappy shiny sandals makes Grecian wedding dresses look polished and casual for a beach or backyard wedding.

6. Another great way to give a casual Grecian dress an element of style is to wear an asymmetrical neckline. You will be instantly look like a goddess and have a strap that adds more support than a strapless neckline throughout your event.

7. For a relaxed beach wedding, opt for a Grecian style dress silhouette featured in a beachy print. Banana leaves, tropical flowers, or bright colors make the dress appear to be more of a sundress than a wedding gown for casual venues.

8. Look for a Grecian gown that has pockets! Pockets add an instant casual and relaxed look to any outfit-even a wedding dress.

9. Try a long Grecian dress in a silver or gold tone, based on if your skin is warm or cool. This can add chicness to the casual cut of the dress.

10. If wearing the Grecian gown in a casual fabric like a knit jersey, search for a sweetheart neckline. Complimentary to most body types, the sweetheart element draws the eye upward and adds a hit of glamour on the basic fabric.

There are many ways types and styles of Grecian wedding dresses that you can incorporate into your casual wedding ceremony and reception.

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