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Wedding Hair

Top 10 Hairdos For Weddings

By July 1, 2011July 4th, 2018No Comments

Hairdos For WeddingsProperly chosen hairdos for weddings are designed to complement brides’ best facial features as well as blend beautifully with the style of their overall wedding look. You are generally advised to start planning for your wedding hairdo months before the wedding. When you come in for your pre-wedding hair appointment, make sure to bring in all your headpieces for wedding you are planning on wearing so your hairstylist can help you pick the best hairdos for wedding to work with your hair accessories.

Below we carefully selected top 10 hairdos for weddings you can choose from. When deciding which hairdos for weddings to pick, keep in mind that there are only three main categories of hairdo styles, namely, updo hair, down hairstyles and partial updo’s. In addition, depending which wedding headpieces you decide to wear will limit your hairstyle selection.

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1. Wedding Bun is perhaps the most popular hairstyle that could be played up thousands different ways. This particular hairstyle helps showcase bride’s feminine neckline and shoulders especially if she is wearing a strapless gown. Your stylist can incorporate bridal hair flower along with letting several free flowing locks out of the bun for creating a truly romantic look that could go virtually with any dress style.

2. Updo Twist is a variation of a wedding bun but hair is twisted rather than rolled in a flattering updo style. The updo twists are especially good to wear with a variety of veils since most of your hair is covered underneath it.

3. Wedding French braiding could create a beautiful statement especially if the bride is blessed with long hair. You hairstylist can weave in pearls, satin ribbons and other hair accessories for a stunning look.

4. Bohemian sexy wavy hair could be fantastic for a destination wedding or for a more relaxed wedding venue. The whole idea of this hairstyle is to bring the easy spirit to the bride’s overall look without tight restricting buns or heavy wedding headpieces. An addition of hair flower accents or a small tiara could help finish the look.

5. Old Hollywood hairdos for weddings could not be more popular nowadays. Old Hollywood hair glamour is easily achieved by creating a well defined side part and curling half of the hair length into smooth flowing waves. The best wedding make up tips for this wedding style are to use bright red lipstick and keep the rest of the face simple in the best traditions of Old Hollywood.

6. Sleek polished hair down is created by carefully blow drying sections of hair and later touching it up with a hot hair iron to create a truly straight glossy hair style to compliment many different wedding dresses.

7. Curls with hair halfway up is flattering for brides of all ages. You hairstylist will create romantic curls, bring half of your hair up and pin it with your choice of wedding hair accessories. You can request to have some of the hair framing locks to be left out for a youthful touch.

8. Vintage Wedding hairstyle is all about showcasing the feminine side of the bride to be. Vintage hair accessories like pearl combs, birdcage veils, or perhaps your grandma’s special hair pins take the center stage in this wedding look. Hair is first rolled to create volume and manageability and later carefully arranged into a sleek chignon at the nape of the neck.

9. Spanish half updo is a perfect hairstyle to compliment a traditional Spanish wedding dress style. Upper half of hair is carefully arranged in a chignon while lower half of hair is set into beautiful free flowing curls.

10. Pinned up curls wedding hair style is accomplished by curling almost a full length of hair reserving just the upper portion for a sleek finish. Hair is later gathered at the top of the head and each curl is carefully pined to the top.

Finally, when choosing a wedding hairstyle, remember to think of your overall look including your makeup, headpieces, jewelry and your dress. Don’t be afraid to spice things up with mix and matching since it is a fast growing fashion trend in modern weddings. Learn more about mix and matching ideas such as mix and match bridesmaid dresses by reading one of our articles on this topic.

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