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Top 10 Limo Bus Rental For Wedding Tips

By August 16, 2011April 11th, 2012No Comments

Limo Bus RentalIf you want to arrive at your wedding and reception in style, you are probably considering limo bus rental deals for your big day. There are so many limos to choose from, it might seem impossible to pick which limo bus rental company you want to go with. There are classic care rentals for weddings, stretch Hummers, you can rent a Cinderella carriage or there are even pink limos! Here is a list of 10 limo bus rental tips when looking at limousine hire and rental options:

1. Know which vehicle you want. This means more than the look of the limo. Different limousines offer different features so make sure you are getting everything you want in your limo bus rental agreement.

2. Do not assume that music is provided above and beyond the radio. Ask what music selections the company offers, or if you need to bring an iPod or CD along.

3. When selecting the size of the limo, try to reserve a vehicle that holds one to two additional people than you are planning on having.

4. Make sure you fully understand the pricing structure so that fuel surcharges or additional hourly fees don’t sneak up on you.

5. Ask the limousine service to show you their proof of insurance before agreeing to sign anything.

6. If your wedding is not on a traditional day, or at a traditional time, you may be able to negotiate a discount.

7. Ask ahead of time if there is free champagne offered with your rental.

8. Be sure to ask about the driver’s attire. Some limousine companies allow their chauffeur’s to dress in a casual style, which might not match your wedding attire. The opposite could happen as well if you have a casual wedding and your driver shows up in a tuxedo.

9. If you have smokers in your bridal party, make sure you know what the smoking policy is before your wedding day.

10. Get the limousine you want! If your friends want a stretch Navigator, and you prefer an elegant Rolls Royce, make sure you choose the vehicle that you of to get you to the church on time.

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