Top 10 Most Unique Honeymoon Destinations In The World


Unique Honeymoon Destinations1. Eagles Nest Resort in New Zealand is definitely among unique honeymoon destinations in the world perhaps due a really long waiting list of reservations. Four villas feature top notch amenities and a lengthy list of activities beyond basking in the sun, including sailing, parasailing, whale watching and many more. Indulge in spectacular Pacific Rim cuisine and get pampered in one of the best spas in New Zealand.

2. One & Only Resort in Mauritius, Africa is definitely one of the most unique honeymoon destinations. You can add on an extra special trip to Cape Town in South Africa. There’s plenty to do during your South African Honeymoon, including shark diving, bungee jumping, safari game trips and one of a kind ostrich riding if you are adventurous enough.

3. Hotel Dubrovnik Palace in Croatia allows couples on honeymoon to explore unusual Adriatic Coast. Each room has a private balcony overlooking the shores of Adriatic. Exploring the old European architecture in the city of Dubrovnik, lounging by the pool and getting spa treatments are couples favorite activities.

4. Ladera Resort is among popular spots for honeymoons in St Lucia. You have a choice of booking villa suites or regular hotels rooms depending on your budget. It’s still considered one of the unique honeymoon destinations due to the fact that despite its incredible natural wonders the biggest source of business is not tourism but banana farming.

5. Glenapp Castle, Scotland is truly one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in the world. This relatively new resort that that was put into operations only in 2000 offers incredible romantic setting competed with gardens, Irish Sea views and an endless list of amenities.

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6. Talaa 12 is a contemporary resort set in the historical city of Marrakesh in Morocco. This is definitely your off the beaten path honeymoon destination allowing you to explore centuries old architecture and traditions of local people. A combination of historical exploration and the factor of uniqueness set this particular destination apart from other honeymoon hot spots.

7. Alyeska Resort in Girdwood, Alaska is not your regular honeymoon hotspot with white sandy beaches and water activities. On the contrary, if you would rather be cold than hot, this is the best honeymoon destination in USA for you. Enjoy skiing, snowboarding and other activities in the snow.

8. Touessrok Hotel, Mauritius is one of unique honeymoon destinations in the world due to so many incredible things you can do during your honeymoon. Go hiking, kayaking, yachting, golfing and fishing or just spend lazy days by the inviting beaches of the Indian Ocean.

9. Anantara Resort and Spa in the Maldives is one of the most breathtaking honeymoon destinations in the world. Choose from a variety accommodations ranging from private overwater villas to regular hotel rooms to fit your budget. Private villas feature couples personal Jacuzzi tubs filled with flower petals.

10. Le Meredien Noumea Resort in New Caledonia offers a unique mix of French sensuality situated among incredible nature of New Caledonia. New Caledonia offers ideal opportunities for you to go hiking, lounging by the beach, shopping and indulging in true French cuisine.

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