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Bachelorette Party

Top 10 Naughty Bachelorette Party Decorations Ideas

By July 11, 2012September 25th, 2012No Comments

Ready, set, decorate! Bachelorette party decorations set the tone for a wild last night out as a single lady in the company of her best gal pals. While the bride to be may be shy, demure, or on the reserved side, this is the one night to go all out and encourage her to take a walk on the wild side. Here are the top 10 naughty bachelorette party decorations ideas for you to try and use at your next bachelorette party:

1. Hanging pictures of her ex partners is a good way to get laughs and evoke some naughty conversations.
2. The classic bachelorette decorations, X-rated balloons will get some laughs and turn the vibe on to a provocative and wild evening out.

3. If in search of bachelorette accessories, tattoos can be obtained that say, “Bride to Be,” “Kiss the Bride,” “Best Bridesmaid,”and “Single ‘til Sunrise.” The bride and her favorite ladies can wear them on their cheeks, back, or arms.

4. A bachelorette party checklist is also a fun way to keep the night rolling. Almost set up in a Truth or Dare format, the maid of honor is responsible for keeping track of all of the bride’s required mischievous acts.

5. Bachelorette party kits are also a great way to get everyone in the mood to go out. Kits contain sashes, boas, X-rated products, or you can even make your own to get more personal.

6. If in search of bachelorette party decorations, pass around crowns. Whether they are shiny, furry, sparkly, or pink; the bride to be can wear a gorgeous large crown and invite her leading ladies to join her in smaller versions.

7. All brides need a veil! Purchasing a veil with X-rated embellishments serves as a décor piece for the pre-party and a functional accessory as the bride to be wears it out on the town.

8. Nothing says bachelorette party like naked men! Hanging up seductive and sensual posters at the pre-party and in the transportation vehicle is guaranteed to get lots of laughs, and cat calls!

9. Hand cuffs are also another decoration that can adorn the party’s tables or walls but makes a naughty gift for the bride to be to take home after her evening out with the girls.

10. Blindfolds and other naughty devices like whips and erotic accessories have become huge after the novel 50 Shades of Grey has come out. Spread them all over the tables at the party and encourage the bride to take them home for a late night surprise to the awaiting groom!

Bachelorette party decorations can be naughty, fun, and even useful for your favorite girl’s last night as a single woman!

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