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Top 10 Outside Wedding Decoration Ideas

By June 5, 2011August 22nd, 2012No Comments

Outside Wedding Decoration IdeasTheme appropriate outside wedding decoration ideas help create a perfect setting for a celebration of love in the way nature intended it. Below you will find top 10 outside wedding decoration ideas for various wedding party themes.

1. Beach Wedding. A beach wedding ceremony décor should relate to the outside natural surroundings by incorporating several nautical colors and shades, including white, blue and green. Ocean inspired outside wedding decoration ideas like anchors, fishing nets and surfing boards create a perfect beach ambiance. Table decorations should continue the beach wedding theme by using large clear glass bowls and filling them with sand, pearls, seashells and candles.

2. Island Wedding. If you are lucky enough to celebrate a destination wedding on an island, the nature is your best decorator. However, if you would love to incorporate a few island inspired pieces into your wedding ceremony décor, place plenty of silk flower garlands, potted palm trees and tropical colored table settings. Use fresh exotic fruits like coconuts, pineapples and mangos as perfect table centerpieces for a simple and budget friendly homemade wedding decorations.

3. Poolside Wedding. If you reside in a warmer climate of Florida, for example, instead of renting one of pricey wedding venues in South Florida, why not consider hosting a poolside wedding. Outside wedding decoration ideas for a poolside wedding include an abundance of fresh flowers in pots and vases, white pillar candles, lanterns, torches and strings of lights that you can wrap around trees and accent certain areas with. Floating pool lights look especially dramatic at a poolside wedding.

4. Park Wedding. For this particular wedding theme you really do not need a lot of outside décor, however if you want to emphasize the natural beauty of the surroundings, you can plan to deliver a wedding arch adorned with flowers and strings of lights to create a perfect setting for saying your wedding vows. Keep bugs away by slipping a few citronella candles into each wedding table centerpiece.

5. Backyard Wedding. Keep backyard wedding décor simple by running several strings of lights around the perimeter of your backyard, placing several mosquito repellent torches to keep bugs under control. If you are anticipating a sunny day, consider renting a wedding tent. Fabric draping around fences, trees and even doorways add a special touch of luxury. Rose petals scattered over tables set a romantic mood. For centerpieces use a combination of cherub figurines, floating candles and beads.

6. Western Wedding. Outside wedding decoration ideas for this wedding theme come naturally especially if you live on a farm. Rustic nature of the countryside is the perfect backdrop for a Western themed wedding. If you are not lucky to live on a farm and still want to giddy up and celebrate your wedding in the best western traditions, turn your backyard in a perfect country celebration by placing rows of hay stacks, arranging buckets or apples and hanging some horse shoes on the trees and fences. Wild flowers put in old-fashioned vases and cowboy boot shaped lamps are perhaps ideal centerpieces for your Western wedding event.

7. Victorian Wedding calls to be held in a beautiful outside garden full of blooming flowers and trees. Victorian Wedding outside decoration ideas assume lots of overflowing hanging baskets with flowers, fine china and linen tablecloths. Small rose bouquets are perfect wedding table centerpieces. You can place oversized lace dollies on the tables for an instant Victorian era makeover.

8. Sports Wedding. If you and your fiancée are big on sports, plan on hosting a wedding outdoors and use your favorite sport specific décor paraphernalia and items like golf clubs, footballs or hockey sticks to create a perfect backdrop for your unique wedding.

9. Rose Wedding. Nothing says “I do” better than roses. Rose inspired outside wedding décor says it all by creating romantic atmosphere and a perfect setting for your union. You can use an assortment of fresh and silk rose blooms as the base and accent them with balloons, strings of lights, white pillar candles, beads and draped fabric over your main wedding stage area.

10. Halloween Wedding. If you and your fiancée both love Halloween, why not plan your wedding in October and use Halloween inspired outside wedding decoration ideas, including an abundance of pumpkins centerpieces, glowing candles, spooky décor and rich fall flowers. These are sure to set the stage for a perfect Halloween celebration. Ask your guests to wear their favorite costumes for unique and one of a kind wedding celebration memories.

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