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Top 10 Reasons To Choose Cayman Island Weddings Packages

By October 11, 2011April 10th, 2012No Comments

Cayman Island WeddingsIf you are considering a destination wedding, and the Caribbean Islands are your destination of choice, you have many places from which to select. There are more than 7,000 islands in the Caribbean Sea! Many islands offer weddings, such as Virgin Island weddings. There are also Jamaican wedding packages and weddings on cruise ships in the Caribbean. However, Cayman Islands weddings are amongst the best destination weddings and honeymoons in this region. Here are ten reasons to choose Cayman Island weddings for your special day:

1. The Cayman Islands have three islands with miles and miles of white sand beaches. Perfect for a romantic seaside wedding!

2. Cayman Island weddings do not have to be on a beach. You can take a cruise and be married at sea, you can choose to be married in several scenic areas around the islands and they even offer underwater weddings!

3. The proximity of the islands to the United States enables bridal parties and guests the simplicity of a quick flight from several U.S. cities. A 70 minute non-stop flight is available from Miami!

4. Cayman Island weddings are a huge part of the local industry as over 800 weddings are performed each year. Many professional wedding services are available on the islands.

5. There are very few regulations in the Cayman Islands regarding couples that wish to marry. Paperwork is minimal and you can be wed with ease.

6. The Cayman Islands are amongst the safest islands in the Caribbean.

7. There are so many things to do! Whether your guests are looking to occupy themselves between the wedding and reception, or your friends and family are staying during part of your honeymoon, the islands are filled with many activities and things to see.

8. With special preparation, you can marry the day you arrive in the Cayman Islands.

9. Although there are only a few, you can get married on a private beach in the Cayman Islands.

10. There is no need to travel to your honeymoon! The Cayman Islands also offer many honeymoon packages.

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