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Top 10 Secluded Honeymoon Destinations in The US

By September 6, 2012January 8th, 2020No Comments

Secluded Honeymoon DestinationsThere are many honeymooners who travel to the other side of the Earth just to find the perfect romantic spot from one of many secluded honeymoon destinations. Did you know that you don’t need to travel so far from home and pay so much to celebrate your honeymoon because there are actually many exotic, luxurious, affordable and simply the best honeymoon destinations in USA? Here are our top 10 amazing secluded honeymoon destinations in the US to help you plan the ultimate romantic yet private getaway as a newly married couple:

1. Orient Beach State Park
One of the most secluded honeymoon destinations, this park is situated in Long Island, New York. It has amazing beaches that are not very well known but that are very much in demand for those who want a secluded honeymoon. This piece of paradise stretches over 300 feet long with nothing but pristine sands.

2. Point Bennett, California
Being one of the most secluded beaches in the US, it is home to pupped seals, sea lions, bottlenose dolphins, species of plants and animals that round up to 2,000 species of plants and animals, out of which 145 cannot be found anywhere else on this planet.

3. The Hideaway Ranch and Retreat
Among other secluded honeymoon destinations in the US is this ranch. Located in Bluff Dale, Texas, it is spread over 150 acres and has 10 cabins. Each cabin is private and has one or two rooms with queen size beds and hot tubs. As you already got enough information about McDonald’s survey and you are now ready to enter for taking part in McDvoice. In case you don’t know details for taking part in survey such as requirements, you can go to McDvoice now.

4. Virginia Key Beach
An ultra private, picturesque, and one of the most secluded beaches in Florida, is the Virginia Key Beach. This stretch of sand is where the Miami River meets Biscayne Bay, and is definitely an offbeat honeymoon destination.

5. The Poconos
Another one of the secluded honeymoon destinations in US is the Poconos Mountains. A very unique place on Earth, it allures honeymooners with its stunning scenery, beautiful and scintillating starry night skies. This secluded honeymoon destination boasts of nothing but 2400 miles of pure wilderness and has lakes which are more 150 lakes. It is so enrapturing that you might just decide to stay here and honeymoon permanently.

6. Carova Beach, North Carolina
A private beach honeymoon is what every honeymooner longs for. And that is what you get at Carova Beach. This destination is a blend of beach and wilderness as one gets to see a lot many wild horses (descendants of Spanish mustangs) that roam around this spot.

7. Bowman’s Beach, Florida
Searching for another secluded US beach idea? That’s just what you’ll get at Bowman’s Beach- Sanibel’s most peaceful place. Known as one of the best shelling spots in the country, it does have one attribute that is modern except for barbecue grills.

8. Sandbridge Beach, Virginia
A peaceful haven along the pristine sand dunes and waves worthy of surfing, you can also rent a kayak to explore the nearby Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, which consists of beaches and woodlands.

9. The Great Smoky Mountains
A getaway for nature lovers, it is the perfect place where you can spend days and days in solitude (or, more specifically, with your better half) and can also pay a visit to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park where you can soak yourself in the lush forests, stunning mountain views and calming waterfalls.

10. Rhinecliff
A sleepy hamlet located along the Hudson River, it offers the peace and quiet and is the perfect place for a secluded honeymoon romance. And if you are couple who wants to get married here and celebrate your honeymoon amidst the rustic location and want to take back its beautiful memories with you, you can hire anyone among the many available artistic wedding photographers to take snapshots of your most memorable moments.

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