Top 10 Short Veil Style Ideas For A Beach Wedding!


Short VeilA beach wedding means a short veil! These playful but pretty veils will not only look great with destination wedding gowns, but will remain sand free which equals a stress free and mess free wedding day look. Read on to learn about the top 10 short veil style ideas for a beach wedding.

1. Try a bubble veil. These veils are short and sassy as they create a rounded shape hitting mid back. These veils are perfect for strapless dresses or open back styles.

2. A cage veil, or also known as a bird cage veil; falls either below the eye line, nose, or chin. These netted veils are adorable and have a feminine vintage appeal.

3. If in search of short veil styles, try a bridal fascinator. These floral or feather embellished clips boast a shot netted veil that covers the face at the eye level.

4. Try a mantilla veil for a beach wedding. Mantilla veils provide sheer coverage on top of a bride’s head and cascades gently down her shoulders, which will shield her from the harsh sun at a beach wedding taking place during afternoon hours.

5. Another short veil idea for a beach wedding is wearing a vintage hat. These sleek hats sit tightly on the head and expose a dainty, short netted veil.

6. Be sure to pair a short veil of your choice when wearing a short wedding dress. Short dresses are popular for beach weddings, as they do not drag in the sand, and veils should generally not be longer than dresses.

7. Short, all lace veils complement lace wedding dress, which are popular with many modern brides. Opting for this material gown in a tea length hem line creates a beautiful beach bridal look.

8. Many beach wedding gowns are casual and colored. When brides opt to wear a colored and printed sundress, try pairing it with a short colored veil. Many veils are featured in black, red, and even pink! Add a pop of color and style to your beach sundress wedding gown.

9. Skip the formal veil! Many brides who choose to wed on the beach skip a formal veil. Choose a fancy hair accessory like a floral barrette that features a short, thin netted accent, resembling a veil.

10. Beaded short veils create a retro chic look on your wedding day. Opt for beads that have a subtle sparkle and shine that reflect the beach’s setting sun.

A short veil is the ultimate accessory for your beach wedding.

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