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Top 10 Stag And Doe Game Tips

By August 1, 2011April 11th, 2012No Comments

Stag And Doe An important part of the wedding party’s job is planning the stag and doe or buck and doe party. This is a great way to help the bride and groom make a little extra money to help finance their wedding or honeymoon. Whoever takes on the planning the party, will need to find many fun and easy games to play. Below is a list of the top ten stag and doe game tips.

1. When beginning to plan the stag and doe party, if you are unsure of what to do, there are many websites on the subject or ask around. Chances are you will be able to find someone who knows what works and what doesn’t.

2. In addition to potential bridal shower themes, it could be fun to have a Jack and Jill costume party with prizes going to the most original costume.

3. When planning games, be sure to have great prizes that will attract more ticket sales. Ask for donations from friends and coworkers.

4. In addition to donations from friends and coworkers, ask for donations from companies that are being used while planning the wedding. For example, the travel agent may donate a weekend getaway or even luggage, since the wedding couple is using them to book their honeymoon.

5. Be sure the games planned are appropriate for the guests. For example, if the guests include people that the couple may attend church with, do not include games that they may find offensive.

6. If planning a casino night, check with the hall and be sure that gambling is allowed.

7. Consider selling ticket packages for the games. Each envelope can consist of tickets for auction, drinks, and games. Sell these for $20 so the guests are saving a few dollars. These will sell fast, making more money for the couple in the long run.

8. When planning games, try not to have games that take a lot of time and will put a halt to the party. Many people will not want to play all games so have some side games that they can “buy into” and find out if they won later in the evening.

9. Have the DJ announce winners in between songs so as not to stop the party.

10. One easy and fun game is to take a regular deck of cards and tape each card face down on a board. Have each guest buy a card for $2 or $3. They can then write their name on the back of their card. Towards the end of the night, turn over all of the cards. Guests that have their names on the Jokers cards, win $20.

In addition to these game tips, there are many bridal shower decoration ideas that can be useful when decorating the hall for the stag and doe party.

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