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Bachelorette Party

Top 10 Things On Bachelorette Party Checklist

By June 28, 2011September 25th, 2012No Comments

Bachelorette Party ChecklistAre you a bridesmaid working on a bachelorette party checklist and would love to get some more ideas? You have come to the right place! Read on below as we provide top 10 items on any bachelorette party checklist.

1. Bachelorette party décor is perhaps one of the most important things to start shopping for early. Party décor helps to set the mood and provides a great setting for any bachelorette party. Include lots of girly sparkly colors mixed in with some romantic themed pieces like Willie balloons, Pecker rings and Winnie beads. Do not go overboard with romantic décor since you still want to make your bachelorette party classy and not cheesy.

2. Bachelorette party drinks are also a very important item on your bachelorette party checklist. Include plenty of non-alcoholic beverages to keep the bride to be and her guests hydrated, top them with Willie straws for a peculiar twist. Select some light alcoholic drinks like sparkling wine and beer. Go light on mixed alcoholic drinks with hard liquor that are also high in sugar because these are notorious to leave you hangover the following morning.

3. No bachelorette party checklist is complete without planning your menu carefully. The lighter the menu, the better. Plan to serve mostly finger foods that are easy to munch on while playing bachelorette scavenger hunt games and participating in other fun party activities. Heavy foods are going to put you to sleep and not in a party mood.

4. Music is also a very important item on any bachelorette party checklist. The selection of the bachelorette party songs will depend on the age of the bride to be and what music trends she is into. Find out which songs would your bride actually like to hear and base your bachelorette party music selection on that. Here are some suggestions that almost anybody will like: Let’s Get It Started by Black Eyed Peas, Single Ladies by Beyonce, Waking Up in Vegas by Katy Perry and For Once in My Life by Steve Wonder.

5. Entertainment is the key to any bachelorette party checklist. Male entertainers, wild party games and strip pole dancing are some of the most popular entertainment venues for any bachelor party.

6. Transportation will ensure that the bride to be and the guests stay safe during the bachelorette party in case you go the bar hopping route. Renting a limo could be a good choice. Make sure that you pick a designated person to stay sober to avoid dangerous situations and to have only fun bachelorette party stories to tell afterwards.

7. Bachelorette party guest list must always be pre-approved by the bride. This will guarantee a successful bachelorette party. Usually guests who are not invited to the wedding are also not invited to the bachelorette party.

8. Invitations should be sent out at least a month before the party scheduled date. The maid of honor can designate a person to help her with party guest list and keeping track of the RSVP’s.

9. Bachelorette party expenses are to be split equally among bridesmaids. To avoid unpleasant predicaments, always make sure to discuss any major expenses among bridesmaids to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

10. Party favors are a very important part of any bachelorette party checklist and should be carefully planned. Devise a budget for an average party favor bag and stick to it. Spa gift certificates, lotions, cosmetics and beauty accessories are great ideas for goodie bags.

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