Top 10 Unusual Non Traditional Wedding Dresses Style Ideas

Non Traditional Wedding DressesIf you have an outgoing personality and despise tradition, especially when it comes to bridal style and décor, consider these top 10 unusual non traditional wedding dresses style ideas for your upcoming big day.

1. Camo wedding dresses may sound unusual but are well loved and well-worn by brides who love to hunt or, on a serious note, support the troops! These green, black, and brown gowns will surely shock your guests as you saunter down the aisle!

2. If you think of yourself as a true lover of nature and completely eco chic, then considering to wear an organic wedding dress may be just the right ideas for you. These light and airy gowns are not only flattering on your figure, but they are conducive to the environment!

3. Two piece wedding dresses are still on the formal side, but are not worn as regularly as one piece zip up gowns. Consider a corset top and a tulle bottom, or even a two tone colored style. These would be great for a cruise ship bridal ceremony due to their packing convenience. And hey, you can always wear the top and bottom separately to other dressy events in the future!

4. Grecian wedding dresses are non-traditional but a completely chic style. They will work the part when worn for destination weddings with a pair of golden flip flops and with a long and loose wavy hairstyle.

5. An all-black gown takes the cake when it comes to non traditional wedding dresses. Usually a color worn for mourning, black can also look completely elegant and unique when worn on a bridal gown.

6. A classy cocktail dress is perfect for second marriage weddings that are being held at a casual location, like a park, in a museum, or in the comfort of your own home.

7. If you have having a vintage themed wedding, you can search for non traditional wedding dresses that are composed entirely of lace and even have lace sleeves. These antiquated gowns photograph and fit beautifully and are truly unique items to wear for a wedding.

8. If you are tying the knot in a court office, consider foregoing the traditional white gown and wearing a short, white skirt suit. It will look classy, sophisticated and casual for the very intimate affair.

9. If you are having a country themed barn wedding, consider creating a wedding dress from denim and pairing it with a pair of brown cowboy boots. Draft up a design and take it to your local seamstress, or simply do a search for denim wedding dresses!

10. Wear a sultry sundress for your casual beach ceremony. Keep cool, but look hot! Warm colors like orange, hot pink, and even electric blue are unusual choices for your special day style look.

If you want to avoid a traditional fashion style be sure to take into consideration these non traditional wedding dresses style ideas listed above!

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