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Top 10 Vintage Wedding Tuxedos Ideas

By August 24, 2012No Comments

Wedding TuxedosHaving a vintage wedding theme means vintage wedding dresses and vintage wedding tuxedos. With the past’s fashion elements back in style, there are many ways to make groom suits have a vintage appeal. Read on to learn about the top 10 vintage wedding tuxedos ideas:

1. Choosing a grey suit screams vintage. Popular with grooms in the 1920’s to 1950’s, a grey suit looks charming and dapper.

2. Opt for mens tuxedos that boast a long jacket. Today’s jackets cut at the hip or slightly above. Vintage tuxedos fall below the hip and even almost to the knee on some style jackets.

3. Many vintage wedding tuxedo styles have jackets and pants that complement each other, but are not the same solid color. It was very common for a groom from the vintage era to wear a solid black jacket and black and white pin striped pants.

4. More vintage wedding tuxedos ideas are to wear a tux that is light in color. Beige and off-white tuxes were popular back in the day and look complementary when paired next to the bride, all dressed in white.

5. Accessorize your vintage tux with a hat. There are many kinds of styles and colors of vintage hats. Some even have embellishments on them. Check out Ebay or Etsy for some authentic vintage hats.

6. Pair your vintage tux with black and white oxford shoes. The neutral shoes will complement your look and add a simple vintage accessory.

7. Go for a pocket square! Many vintage grooms added a white or ivory pocket square to their tux. Put a modern spin on this idea today by choosing a color for the pocket square the complements or enhances your wedding party colors.

8. Wear a pair of suspenders! The ultimate vintage accessory, suspenders will create an authentic vintage look as you exchange vows.

9. Try a vintage tie. A vintage tie does not look like today’s ties. A simple, thin black strip was wrapped around the groom’s neck and tied loosely like a shoe lace bow, leaving the ends hanging slightly on the chest.

10. Have the groom dressed in a suit with vintage elements but wearing a completely different color tux than his groomsmen. Grooms from the past liked to stand out as much as their brides, so dressing in a completely different colored suit were not unheard of.

There are many different ways to incorporate vintage wedding tuxedos into your vintage wedding theme and color scheme.

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