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Top 10 Vintage Wedding Veil Styles Ideas


Veil StylesAfter you purchase your wedding gown, it is time to consider veil styles. Vintage wedding veils are trendy with today’s brides. Their length, embellishment, and overall aesthetic appeal create a vintage chic look on modern brides. Read on to learn about the top 10 vintage wedding veil style ideas to try for your own big day:

1. A drop veil is very sheer and covers the entire head and face. They can be worn in a variety of lengths to complement your wedding gown’s length and style. They can easily be pushed back to reveal a brides’ beautiful face for pictures and comfort later for the reception.

2. A fingertip veil falls to fingertip length and is usually layered and lacy. Worn over the face, walking down the aisle, it creates a moment of romance as the groom pushes the veil above a bride’s head to kiss her after exchanging rings and vows.

3. Wedding tiaras are sparkly and make the bride look like a princess. They popularly have long veils attached to them which can be worn during a ceremony and removed for a reception. They are perfect for formal ceremonies and venues.

4. A mantilla veil is a popular vintage looking veil for formal church ceremonies and receptions. The modest veil covers the entire head, shoulders, and top portion of the bust. Popularly worn by brides of the Catholic faith, these veils have an extensive history and meaning behind them.

5. A birdcage veil is attached to a hat or embellished clip and either falls below the lids, nose, or chin and creates the ultimate antiquated look.

6. Bridal fascinators are usually embellished with feathers or flowers. They can be pinned anywhere in the hair and boast a dainty netted veil that covers the eyes.

7. A lace veil is one of the most popular veil styles online and in bridal stores. Its soft texture complements a head full of soft saves.

8. Veils with pearls are soft and beautiful. They are meant to complement pearl embellishments on wedding dresses.

9. Veils with sparkles like crystal and sequin elements are also popular veil styles with brides who like a little glamour and shine.

10. Any form of netting on a veil, long or short; creates an instant vintage vision.

There are many veil styles available that reflect vintage fashion and complement your wedding day dream look.

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