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Wedding Etiquette

Top 10 Wedding Invite Etiquette Tips

By June 14, 2011April 11th, 2012No Comments

Wedding Invite Etiquette1. Modern day wedding invite etiquette suggests you consider “green” e-mail invitation to save trees, postage fees and contribute to worldwide efforts of reducing waste. Many free e-mail services like Evite are available for you to create unique wedding invitations and they automatically keep track of RSVP’s. Just remember to send out your e-mail invitations at least 2-3 months ahead of time.

2. Wedding invite etiquette requests you refrain from any open suggestions on giving money to the young couple. It’s not OK to even politely mention the places of couple’s wedding registry. In your invitation you can include a phone number or an e-mail address in case guests would like to ask this question themselves.

3. In case groom’s or bride’s parents are divorced and not in a good relationship, what should your wedding invite etiquette be and should you invite one and not the other? The proper thing to do is to invite both parents even if they are in a bad relationship, it’s up to them to realize that it’s their child’s celebration day and not the time for old squabbles.

4. Wedding etiquette for guests does not allow you to bring a guest of your own if they were not personally invited. Modern day weddings are very costly affairs and any extra person could easily put a couple over their budget.

5. According to traditional wedding etiquette attire all wedding female guests are expected to refrain from wearing white dresses because this color is traditionally reserved for the bride’s dress. On the other hand, against popular believes, go ahead and wear a black dress especially if a wedding ceremony is planned during the winter months. For spring and summer celebration, wear brighter colors to reflect the season.

6. Wedding rehearsal dinner etiquette suggests you invite guests who have already been asked to come to your wedding. However, you are not obliged to invite everybody, limit your guest list to your immediate family and wedding party so you can have a chance of a final walk through of your wedding plan.

7. According to our destination wedding etiquette it’s OK to keep your guest list on a short side when planning an expensive exotic wedding. However, if you feel bad about not inviting certain people, plan hosting a simple dinner reception to honor guests who you could not otherwise be included in the destination wedding plan.

8. It’s against the wedding invite etiquette to dictate your guests what type of attire to wear to your wedding. It’s, however, acceptable to mention your wedding theme so your guests can decide what to wear according to their tastes.

9. Proper wedding invite etiquette dictates you kindly provide wedding ceremony and reception directions that will be handy for your guests.

10. The last but not least wedding invitation tip is to make sure your wedding invitations do not contain any spelling errors. It’s an obvious point but you will be surprised how many common words are misspelled in wedding invitations.

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