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Top 10 Winter Wonderland Wedding Decorations

By September 29, 2011April 10th, 2012No Comments

Winter Wonderland Wedding DecorationsWhen planning a winter wedding, there are many fun winter wonderland wedding decorations that will make this day special for the happy couple. Before you go and start decorating the church with all of these winter wonderland wedding decorations, be sure to speak to the priest or minister and explain your church wedding decoration ideas as well as what wedding altar decorations you wish to use. They may not allow certain decorations, so it is smart to ask first. Below is a list of the top 10 winter wonderland wedding decorations:

1. Use white Christmas lights everywhere, including and their branches. This will give a beautiful wintery look to the entrance and walkway.

2. Hang silver trimmed acrylic snowflakes everywhere to add to the winter illusion.

3. Use snowflake candles and candle holders. You may even find some floating candles that you can put into a large bowl to add to the ambiance.

4. Use white and silver garland to decorate the head table and give it that extra special touch.

5. Use white satin wedding chair covers with silver or gold sashes.

6. Be sure to explain your winter wonderland wedding decorations to your cake decorator so they can be sure to make your cake to fit in. They may add snowflakes with blue and silver accents.

7. Purchase snowflake card holders to put at each place setting.

8. Add crystal accents throughout the hall. Have the hanging from light fixtures and the ceiling if possible. This will give an icy illusion.

9. If possible consult with an ice sculpture artist and have a couple ice sculptures as well.

10. Use spray snow on the windows to give that icy and wintery feel to the room.

Many of these winter wonderland wedding decoration ideas can be done yourself, or if you wish you may also consult with some wedding decorators for even more fresh and fun ideas.

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