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Traditional Victorian Wedding Cakes Ideas – Not Just For Royalty!

By March 9, 2013No Comments

Victorian Wedding CakesYou deserve a wedding fit for a princess. Besides your dress, Cinderella bridal shoes, venue, and reception décor, traditional Victorian wedding cakes can help you achieve a royal celebration. Read on to learn about some Victorian wedding cakes and ideas that you may wish to implement into your fabulous celebratory affair!

Victorian cakes are usually round in shape and come in three or more layers that descend in size as they grow in height. They have been featured at traditional weddings for hundreds of years, and are served up after a Christian wedding ceremony.

Vintage weddings are more popular than ever before and this elegant cake can become a part of your vintage wedding decoration ideas, making your celebration seem as if it’s a royal affair. Traditional Victorian wedding cakes are also great to serve up if you are hosting a reception at castle wedding venues and you want an over the top kind of cake!

Consider showcasing a muted white cake that is decorated with Faberge eggs; one in each layer’s center; and is surrounded by strands of icing in the shape of pearls. You can place a regal frosting rose on the top layer and even consider getting your monogram elegantly etched into the base of the luxurious desert. This modern take on traditional cakes will photograph beautifully on its own or enhance vintage diamond engagement rings as your cut into your royal cake!

Another one of clever ideas to try if you want to have a cake fit for a queen is to actually mimic royal cakes! Obtain images of cakes created for the Royal family and take it to your baker of choice to see if they can replicate a smaller and affordable version of one!

You could also get Victorian wedding cakes created that have a nude tinted fondant icing and a large white fondant bow that sits prominently on top of the cake and regally cascades downward on the rounded, layered design. Placing some white lilies strategically around some open sections of cake and remove them before cutting and serving adds a chic touch to your themed celebration.

When it comes to Victorian desert design, couples can order cakes that boast satin ribbon around each layer’s base and a lace finish on the rest. It will look adorable featured in a Tiffany blue tone if you want a traditional desert that boasts some subtle color.

Consider these traditional design inspired Victorian wedding cakes ideas to include at your fabulous royalty worthy affair!

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