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Tuxedo Shirt Styles Review


Tuxedo Shirt StylesIf brides think they have the most work to do getting ready for a wedding, they might be right. But there is a lot more than one would think to choosing wedding tuxedos for groom and groomsmen. For example, there are several different tuxedo shirt styles before you even get to your tux style, vest, ascot, bowtie, cummerbund and more! Whether the groom is in a formal black and white tuxedo, a three piece suit, linen pants and a tuxedo shirt or the now popular gray tuxedos for weddings look, there are many tuxedo shirt styles to accompany each variety of groomsmen attire.

There are three categories of tuxedo shirt styles and each one is classified by their collars. There is the lay down collar which will lay flat over your bowtie or tie and the wingtip collar which has the triangular tips of the collar folded back up for extra flair. A very trendy look is the mandarin collar, which is a thin circular band that buttons at the top of the neck and does not lie down. You must also consider which type of fabric you want your tuxedo shirt to be made out of – 100% cotton, a poly-cotton blend, pique or pinwale. Pique tuxedo shirts have raised patterns on them and the pinwale has a corduroy feel to it with raised ribs running vertically down the front of the tux shirt.

Cuff style is another consideration. The French cuff is both formal and very trendy. If you want a more casual look, stick to a convertible cuff. You can always dress up a convertible cuff with cufflinks.

From the fabric to the collar to the cuff, there are many tuxedo shirt styles from which to choose. Make sure your tuxedo shirt matches to the look and feel of your tuxedo and you will look sharp for your wedding.

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