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Two Tone Bridesmaid Dresses – 10 Mistakes To Avoid!

By August 9, 2012September 25th, 2012No Comments

Two Tone Bridesmaid DressesTwo tone bridesmaid dresses are one of the season’s hottest trends. When paired properly they have a high wow factor and look phenomenal in wedding photographs. They also provide color loving brides with the opportunity to incorporate more than one shade or tone into their wedding day décor. Before shopping with your bridesmaids, be sure to read the 10 mistakes to avoid when purchasing two toned bridesmaid dresses:

1. Black and white bridesmaid dresses look posh and polished. However, be sure to have pear shaped bridesmaids wear black on the bottom and white on the top of the dress, to avoid making them look larger than necessary.

2. Black and pink bridesmaid dresses are an interesting way to wear two toned bridesmaid dresses-and not in a good way! Together they look dated and drab. Most shades of pink are cooler tones, so they should be paired with other cool colors.

3. Black and red bridesmaid dresses may both be darker colors, but that does not mean they should be paired together. The colors are not complementary or uplifting for that matter for a formal event like a wedding. While the colors are able to be worn together in the form of a red dress and black shoe, they make a dismal pair on one outfit in large doses.

4.Mix and match bridesmaid dresses are a huge hit with many modern brides and are either worn in one shade but in different gowns, or in two complementary colors and identical dresses. Many brides make the mistake of excluding one neutral color and incorporate too many accent colors-like pink and purple, or yellow and green. Incorporate a neutral color first, then choose an accent color to mix and match on each dress.

5. For bridesmaids with inverted triangle figures, brides make the mistake of choosing a light and dark color worn as separates, but having their bridesmaids with this body type wear it the dark colors on bottom and the light colors on top. By flipping the color separates, bridesmaids appear slimmer and more slender on top.

6. Two pastel colors paired together look childish and resemble Easter eggs. If pastel shades are your passion, be sure to pair them with a darker color in the pastel’s spectrum.

7. White and lights worn as separate pieces is a big mistake to avoid. While brides have loosened up about their bridesmaids wearing on light color like ivory, beige, and champagne; as separate pieces, bright white tops or bottoms paired with other off-white tones does not provide much contrast between each piece and really will resemble the wedding gown.

8. Two toned bridesmaid dresses look gorgeous when paired with the right tones. One mistake brides make is pairing jewel toned dresses like topaz, lapis, and aquamarine with bright accents like neon pink or a bold orange. Jewel tones look more complementary with silver or gold accents.

9. Gold paired with cool tones is another mistake brides make. Gold is a warmer tone and should be worn with other warm and rich colors like brown, red, and corral. Avoid pale blues, purples, and other pastel tones, as they are cool colors.

10. Silver paired with warm tones does not work on one dress. Brides make the mistake of pairing silver with orange, yellow, or brown; lacking majorly in visual appeal.
Before shopping for two toned bridesmaid dresses, be aware of some frequent mistakes brides make so you do not fall into that category as well.

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