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Bridesmaid Dresses

Unique Black And Ivory Bridesmaid Dresses With Gold Accents Ideas

By December 13, 2012No Comments

 Ivory Bridesmaid Dresses Black and ivory bridesmaid dresses are the picture of class. Nothing looks more sophisticated when these two elegant neutral tones are worn together on one dress or are alternated by bridesmaids in a wedding party. One posh idea to consider is adding gold accents to these traditional colors. Read on to learn how to take your black and ivory bridesmaid dresses to the next level by adding a glimmer of gold!

Why not add a sash? Nothing looks more appropriate for autumn than incorporating a gold or black sash to fall bridesmaid dresses. The chic accent will draw the eye upward to your bridesmaid’s cinched waist line. Also, a thin, gold sash will also catch the venue’s evening lights and will photograph beautifully, especially when added to ivory satin bridesmaid dresses.

Gold sashes also look great on black or ivory bridesmaid dresses with sleeves, as they break up the solidarity of the dress and help create depth and curves in all the right places!

You can also have your bridesmaids add accents of gold to their bridal party look if they are wearing short black bridesmaid dresses. Simply ask them to wear a pair of golden heels! Go for strappy and stiletto styles for spring and summer weddings, and peep toe platform pumps for fall and winter weddings. The golden shoes will add some interest and style to either your girls’ ivory or black short dresses!

If adding gold accents to your bridal party’s dress or having your bridesmaids wear gold toned footwear is not for you, consider golden jewelry or wedding hair pieces like clips and barrettes to add some subtle sparkle.

An oversized gold cocktail ring, layers of gold bangle bracelets, or a chunky gold or topaz rhinestone opera length necklace are some key pieces to incorporate in your wedding party look to provide a hint of golden shine.

A gold vintage clip is easy an easy way to add some golden accents while holding a loose chignon or up do in place. You may also want to consider golden headbands for your bridal party to wear if you want to create a chic Greek goddess look and feel if your girls are wearing ivory floor length, empire silhouette dresses with draping.

There are some simple ways to liven up your bridesmaids’ black or ivory bridesmaid dresses by adding a little glitz of gold.

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