Unique Fun Bridesmaid Dresses – Tricks To Funky Up Plain Dresses!


Fun Bridesmaid DressesIf you have a fun and playful personality, your special day and wedding party look should match your lifestyle! Consider choosing unique fun bridesmaid dresses for your favorite girls to wear that will not only speak volumes about your personality but your sense of style as well. Read on to learn about some tricks to funky up plain and modest bridesmaid dresses for your upcoming one-of-a-kind event!

Trick 1-Go vintage!
Vintage inspired bridesmaid dresses are the biggest trend when it comes to wedding party attire. These fun bridesmaid dresses have sleeves, are adorned with lace, ruffles, sweetheart necklines, and even polka dots. Opt for vintage inspired dresses in muted tones like mint green, ivory, and blush. They will look modernly antiquated, refined, and refreshing for your upcoming wedding.

Trick 2-Add some contrast!
Instead of opting for solid and safe colored bridesmaid dresses, throw some fun into the mix by adding a pop of a contrasting color to a neutral toned dress. Brown bridesmaid dresses will appear unexpectedly unique and chic when given a pop of a mint green or a baby blue sash wrapped around waists. You may also wish to add some contrast to your bridesmaids’ looks by incorporating a piece of statement jewelry into their outfit. Solid coral dresses are instantly made more fun and appealing by adding a chunky turquoise cascading necklace to them. Or, a gorgeous Kelly green dress instantly looks fun and playful when a bright yellow bauble is added to the ensemble. You can also add some fun to neutral and solid tone traditional dresses by adding a pair of colorful and funky wedding shoes. Even brides are joining in on this unique trend and are wearing red, purple, or even printed heels underneath their dress!

Trick 3-Pick a print!
If you want to incorporate unique fun bridesmaid dresses into your wedding day look, you may want to consider choosing a print (or two)! Celebrity Molly Simms had her bridesmaids each wear an interesting print that had the same color scheme across the bridal party. Some women wore chevron stripes, some a floral print, and some wore solid tones. Choosing leopard print dresses are also a great way for brides to show off their love for fashion and daring style. The wild yet classic print can look ultra-fancy by adding a fur wrap for winter bridal ceremonies or a playful red shoe for a more casual celebration.

Show off your passion for fashion by choosing to have your bridesmaids wear fun bridesmaid dresses. These tips are effortless, chic, and will help you achieve a playful yet formal bridal party ensemble.

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