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Unique Outdoor Engagement Party Decoration Ideas

By November 25, 2012May 8th, 2018No Comments

Engagement Party Decoration IdeasIf you are holding your engagement celebration outdoors, there are many engagement party decoration ideas that you may wish to incorporate into your event. Read on to learn about some unique outdoor engagement decorations that your guests will never have seen before!

If you are having a vintage themed engagement party, you should embrace all things vintage -lace, flowers, bows, oversized string lights, and polka dots! You can decorate the table with polka dot party supplies like plates and cups; and offer authentic vintage cloth napkins that rest on lace table cloths in complementary tones like ivory and mint, or pale yellow and beige.

Black and white is always a chic color combination for any kind of celebration, especially engagement parties. Black and white party decorations can be purchased online and in stores anywhere and for a reasonable price. Many party supply retailers sell black and white decorations and engagement party supplies in bulk packs for around $15 each. The main challenge with a black and white themed engagement party is remaining unique since many feel that they have already seen engagement party decoration ideas in black and white before. Why not set the table in eclectic black and white cups, plates, and bowls? You can even mix and match solids and patterns, and even purchase plates in different shapes and sizes. Using cups, plates, and bowls that entirely consist of milk glass is a unique way to work white into a black table linen and complement black and white decorations.

Also, don’t forget to decorate the trees that are surrounding your dining area for the event Some of the most popular engagement party decoration ideas include hanging lanterns with candles in them from boughs and branches. Many couples also hire florists to create flower balls that hang daintily from tree limbs and are strung up with sturdy ribbon in each tree. You can also purchase hanging flower pots in bulk and plant cascading flowers in each, and hang them from tree branches. All of these ideas are natural looking and will even cast a magical look and feel throughout the evening. is offering Kroger weekly ads

Including an activity station that serves as some of your decorations is a great innovative idea. If you have a backyard barbecue, consider creating a carnival theme. You can set up various games all over your yard, and even include a photo booth. Simply hang an oversized frame from a tree branch, set up a digital camera, and leave a basket of fun supplies for guests to dress up in and use the timed feature on the camera to snap their funny photo. Having interactive decorations are definitely unique and exciting.

If you need engagement party decoration ideas, try some of the suggestions above for a fun and fabulous celebration!

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