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Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas – Tree, Rocks and Wine Bottles!

By September 4, 2012September 7th, 2012No Comments

Unique Wedding Guest Book IdeasWedding guest books are an honored and revered tradition that is being followed by couples since “God-knows-when”. However, in recent times it has undergone a complete makeover. Many couples are not going for the “same old, same old” guest books. Instead they are turning their attention towards unique wedding guest book ideas. Read on to find out more about how you can buy or DIY unique wedding guest books with a twist that will impress your guests.

Guest Tree
A wedding fingerprint tree is the “in-thing” in the world of weddings. It is an image of a tree with leaves but no branches where you can ask your guests to put their thumb print of any color on a leaf. After they are done with the thumb print, you can ask them to sign their name below the print. You can either do it yourself with templates or you can buy these templates on Etsy.

Wish Tree
One of the most popular wedding guest book alternatives to the guest tree is the wish tree. This too is an easy DIY project. All you need is a Manzanita tree with no leaves, leaf shaped papers or card stock papers with tags. Take a large glass vessel and fill it with stones or gravel and anchor the Manzanita tree in it. Make a string of crystals or rhinestones and hang it all over the tree. Ask each guest to write their names on the leaf shaped papers and hang it on the branches.

Rocks are another one of the unique wedding guest book ideas for your wedding. According to an Irish wedding tradition, you have to put together flat rocks on the table or in a basket. Ask each guest to write their names and their best wishes on these rocks with a permanent marker.

Wine Bottles
Wine bottles can also be used as unique wedding guest book ideas. Purchase an extra large bottle of wine or several wine bottles of average sizes. Buy silver or gold permanent markers. Ask your guests to sign on it or write their wishes on it.

One of the funnest guest book ideas for wedding is wood jigsaw puzzles. Available in plain wood or printed photos, you can ask your guests to sign on the other side of the puzzles. Later on, you can let your flower girls play with these puzzles!

One of the most unusual and unique wedding guest book ideas are quilts. You can either do one yourself or enquire more about it on Etsy.

Wasn’t it fun learning about these original and unique wedding guest book ideas? We hope so. Having said that, after you have received all the love from your guests, don’t forget to add a wedding program thank you message for your guests as a token of appreciation for attending your wedding and all the love they had given you.

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