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Unique Winter Wedding Bouquets Ideas With Pine Cones

By March 5, 2013March 9th, 2013No Comments

Winter Wedding BouquetsWinter wedding bouquets are usually decorated to complement the holiday. Red, green, silver, and even gold appear in most of these bouquets. Winter bouquets don’t always have to be about the holidays. Consider selecting unique hearty winter wedding bouquets which designs involve classic colors and wintery accents like pine cones. Read on to learn about some unique winter wedding bouquets ideas to consider for your upcoming winter themed ceremony.

If you love the look of white bridal bouquets, nothing looks more chic than a winter white rose arrangement, adhered together with a burlap wrapped base. Have your florist slip several pine cones into the design, along with some shapely dark fiddle heads to create a truly unique winter flower arrangement.

Calla lily wedding bouquets are also popularly used in spring weddings but look elegant and unique when used in winter wedding bouquets as well. Miniature calla lilies can be bunched together with sprigs of pine and miniature pine cones can be sprinkled though out the bouquet. Tie them assortment together with a brown, leather wrap and secure it with pearl pins.

An orchid wedding bouquet can also look festive, hearty, and wintery by including oversized pine cones in the design by altering their color. Select pure white orchids and arrange them to sit aside white pine cones, a few fluffy feathers, and several small but shiny white ornaments. Pull them all together by wrapping a shiny silver ribbon.

You can also opt to carry burgundy roses adorned with pale green hydrangea and several rounded pine cones with some soft woodland foliage mixed throughout the design. This is a great bouquet to carry if you are getting married in a cabin in the woods or in front of a stone fireplace!

Consider going the simple yet modern route by carrying a rounded pine cones bouquet secured with a plaid ribbon and filled with few red berry sprigs throughout the design. It is festive, yet non-conventional for weddings taking place around the holiday.

Winter wedding bouquets don’t have to be filled with glitter and festive colors. Unique ideas can be simple, muted, classy, and hearty. Try some of the suggested designs above to help you create a winter wedding bouquet that is filled with pine cones and creativity!

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