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Unusual Outdoor Wedding Catering Ideas For Menu

By January 18, 2013No Comments

Wedding Catering IdeasIf you are hosting an outdoor wedding reception, it may be difficult to break away from traditional wedding catering ideas. How can you wow your guests with an exceptional and unique appetizer, entrée, and dessert menu? Read on to find out!

Traditionally, an outdoor wedding appetizer menu consists of grilled shrimp, puff pastry stuffed with meat or cheese, and even scallops wrapped in bacon. While they are delicious and certainly a crowd pleaser, you can consider serving some other easy to eat, delicious tidbits for your guests. Why not serve Asian inspired appetizers? Teriyaki chicken wrapped in lettuce leaves, sushi pieces, sugar snap pea pods, and even miniature steamed dumplings will serve as tasty and unique outdoor wedding catering ideas for menu.

If you are having a Sunday outdoor brunch wedding reception that has a vintage theme, consider serving bite sized potato wedges, miniature strip steaks, baby ginger glazed carrots, and even a delicate white fish. Each of these dishes is appropriate for an early afternoon brunch and do not include the usual eggs, ham, and salads that would normally be served to guests. Plus, each of these tasty entrees will not only be served in smaller portions, but are reflective of 50’s and 60’s menus.

You can also create a wedding dessert buffet for your unusual outdoor wedding reception in lieu of a formal and traditional tiered wedding cake. There will be something for everyone to enjoy. You can even get creative and set up an ice cream sundae bar so that guests can incorporate their favorite flavors and ingredients into their own dessert. You can also have your caterer set up a fruit and yogurt bar if your guests are very health conscious to replace the ice cream and the other sweet ingredients included in a dessert bar.

Some other unique wedding catering ideas can include beverages on the menu. You can set up a build your own Martini or Bellini station. You simply need a long table that you can cover with a table linen to complement your wedding party colors or theme and enough glasses for each of your guests to utilize. Many caterers will provide table linens, glasses, and silverware for an additional but generally affordable cost. Simply set up the alcohol, mixers, and embellishments like olives, berries, peppermints, and sprigs of herbs in attractive dishes and containers.

If you are in need of catering in Tampa Fl, there are a number of award winning, creative caterers that offer unusual outdoor wedding catering ideas for menu to make your meals stand out from the basic and usual meals served at outdoor receptions.

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