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Vintage Bohemian Wedding Hair Accessories – Hot Trend Alert!

By December 16, 2012No Comments

Vintage Wedding Hair AccessoriesVintage wedding hair accessories are popular with brides to be of varying personal styles. One personal style, Boho chic, looks especially flashy yet classy when wearing these bridal hair clips, headbands, and feather and floral embellishments. Read on to learn about the trendiest vintage wedding veils and other vintage Bohemian wedding accessories to wear in your hair!

Bridal fascinators with veils are by far one of the trendiest vintage wedding hair accessories. These short and chic veils frame the face and are a playful take on the formal and traditional wedding veil. The fascinators are either pinned or clipped high up on the scalp, allowing the sheer or netted veil to fall just above the cheek bones, or off to the side of the scalp, creating an asymmetrical look. The fascinators come in any color imaginable and are popular because they are relatively affordable. Most veils cost between $30-$75, and you can actually purchase an authentic fascinator and veil worn by brides of the 50’s and 60’s on many sites like Etsy and Ebay.

For a Bohemian vintage ceremony, bridal hair flowers are also the must have accessory. Nothing captures the hippie essence of Boho style than little rosettes on barrettes, hair bands, hair clips, and headbands. Choose bridal hair flowers that have flowing ribbon attached to them. You can weave the ribbon in and out of braided hair, or simply let them hang long and low; creating a carefree, vintage sense of style.

Wear an elegant, yet stylish oversized flower like a faux peony, rose, or sunflowers. These clip-in vintage wedding hair accessories are perfect for putting the finishing touch on your look, and they also complement vintage inspired bridesmaid dresses as well.

You may also consider a boxy looking hat with a small sprig of netted veil that barely skims the hat’s brim. It’s great for Bohemian brides who love the look of a bridal fascinator, but have hair too short for the fascinator to get a sturdy hold, or who do not wish for any part of the faces to be covered.

Whatever accessory you choose for your hair, be sure to opt for some featured in colors that are reflective of the vintage era-ivory, pale pink, mint green, and even light gray.
If you adore vintage fashion and sport a Bohemian style, you need one of the vintage wedding hair accessories above to enhance your wedding gown, bridesmaids’ attire, and ceremony and reception décor.

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