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Vintage Wedding Suits For Groom – 10 Tacky Style Faux Pas!

By December 4, 2012No Comments

Wedding Suits For GroomVintage themed weddings are popular with couples across the country. Styles such as single breasted suits, skinny ties, light tones, and shiny shoes can make a groom look instantly vintage. When selecting wedding suits for groom, be sure to avoid these 10 tacky style faux pas listed below whether you purchase your tux or suit or utilize a wedding tuxedo rental.

1. Pastel colors are big vintage characteristics, but groom suits should not be featured in these hues. Traditional black suits can have a vintage style and look more appropriate for wedding reception.

2. Don’t wear wedding ties that are the same color as the bridesmaid dresses. Choose a light tone that enhances the bride’s ensemble like off white, beige, or ivory.

3. Say no to navy. A navy blue tuxedo is better suited for grooms whose wedding is a retro theme, not a vintage theme.

4. As much as they scream vintage, say no to a top hat. You risk the chance of looking tacky and even slightly sarcastic at your serious event.

5. If you choose to wear a bow tie, avoid busy prints. Vintage wedding suits for groom look most complementary when paired with a basic black bow tie.

6. Do not mix pastel colors with a black tux. While pastel colors are relevant to the vintage era, stick with one in the form of a button down shirt. Keep your tie or bow tie neutral as well if choosing to incorporate a paste shirt.

7. When it comes to wedding suits for groom, avoid vintage velvet at all costs. Velvet can look cool and appropriate on a men’s suit for certain occasions, but not for their wedding day.

8. Printed suit is one of the major wedding fashion faux pas. Keep it simple, sleek, and solid! No plaid, stripes, or checks!

9. Wear a tie. Some vintage grooms in the past simply wore a button down top and blazer. A tie creates a more formal look for your special occasion.

10. Avoid platform shoes with your tux. If you keep your tux simple, your shoes should be simple as well! A little shine goes a long way, so patent leather shoes are a must if you desire a vintage inspired wedding.

Vintage wedding suits for groom can work, but can also make for a disaster. Be sure to avoid some of the faux pas above to ensure a successful and handsome wedding day look!

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