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Wedding Cake Bakeries in Chicago – 7 Must-Know Facts!

By February 2, 2013No Comments

Wedding Cake BakeriesIf you are getting married in the Chicago area, you have probably already begun shopping for a wedding dress, price comparing reception venues, and have even started interviewing bands and caterers. You should also take wedding cake bakeries into consideration in order to get a gorgeous and delicious masterpiece that your guests will be impatiently waiting for after the main course, for a reasonable price! Here are 7 must know facts before you embark on an important task of locating wedding cake bakeries in Chicago that would create the perfect delectable dessert for your big day!

1. You can custom order or design your own unique wedding cake toppers. Many brides feel as if they need to use whatever kind of cake topper is on each cake, according to the baker’s image. If there is something special you want on top of your dream day dessert, do not be afraid to speak up!

2. You can include a cake into your wedding catering costs. Many reception venues that include a catered meal will also lump a wedding cake into the cost of each person being served. In many cases, there is no need to run out to wedding cake bakeries to obtain a tasty dessert since most venues already include the coffee, tea, and cake portion of the evening into their initial costs.

3. Don’t feel pressured to purchase extravagant wedding cakes for your formal reception. Many modern brides are going down the cupcake or mini dessert tray route in order to cut down on cost. Most guests also barely touch their cake because they are busy dancing and conversing by the bar, or have food sensitivities, so you may wish to simply invest in a modest cake to cut and serve after dinner is served!

4. Wedding cake bakeries will usually make you a custom creation that fits within your budget. If you have admired a cake style for months but are afraid that it won’t fit in with your budget or style needs, you will be surprised at how many bakers can make what you want a reality!

5. The average cost of a wedding cake is $350. This may be surprising to many considering the simple ingredients used in this iconic dessert. You can shop around if you are getting married in the Chicago area and go with the best and most affordable baker. Simply let them know you are comparing prices and the vendor with the best one wins. The price of cake is surely negotiable.

6. Many wedding cake bakeries in Chicago are stepping away from the tiered, traditional white wedding cake. The most current designs are all about color and innovative wow factor designs.

7. Many brides-to-be are opting for a groom cake for their newly wedded husbands to slice into. There are lots of cake vendors in the Chicago area that will create a wedding cake of your dreams but also bake a small cake for the groom to enjoy as well. Some companies will even include one complementary if you place a very large cake order as a way to say thank you!

Before choosing a wedding cake, be sure to shop around at wedding cake bakeries after considering the seven pieces of advice given to ensure you are getting the most for your money!

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