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Wedding Cake Decorating Ideas – Cupcakes!

By August 2, 2011April 11th, 2012No Comments

Wedding Cake Decorating IdeasThe wedding cake industry has become huge and choosing your wedding cake might seem harder than choosing who you wanted to marry! There are so many wedding cake decorating ideas out there! You have to select from wedding cake fillings and icings and cake toppers and more. Modern wedding cakes are becoming fancier and more decorative. The Bridal Association of America estimates that the average cost of a wedding cake is $541. That’s a lot of cake! While modern wedding cakes can be pricey, there are many ways to cut the cost and include all of your wedding decorating ideas to have a beautiful wedding cake at your reception.

A great modern wedding cake is a cupcake! You can still incorporate your wedding cake decorating ideas with cupcakes, and the small cakes will help with your budget. Once your RSVP’s return, you will know how many wedding cake servings you will need. If you choose to go with wedding cupcakes, this can be a very simple process as the number of cupcakes can be slightly greater than your number of guests. This eliminates waste in both cake batter and money. For example, if you were to order a 3 tier wedding cake and half of it goes uneaten, this is a huge waste of your wedding budget. Ordering cupcakes for your wedding reception does not mean you will not have a classy or stylish looking wedding cake. The cupcakes themselves can be intricately decorated and they can be placed and stacked beautifully to give your wedding cupcakes an elegant feel.

Wedding cake decorating ideas do not have to be limited to the icing on the cake! Modern wedding cakes are also integrating other design elements than frosting. Flowers, jewels, ribbon, beads or pearls are all being used on wedding cakes. Another modern idea is mismatched cake tiers. Each tier can have its own unique design, look and flavor. Whatever style you choose for your wedding cake (or cupcakes!), the cake designer will work with you to create the perfect look and taste for your special day!

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