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Wedding Cake Servings Guide – Square Vs Round Cake

By March 6, 2017January 11th, 2018No Comments

Wedding Cake ServingsWhen designing and ordering a cake for your big day, you should consider how many wedding cake servings you need in order to ensure that each guest is guaranteed a piece of your delicious celebratory dessert, whether it comes in a square or round format. Which style of wedding sheet cakes and tiered designs offer the most cuts for your money? Read on to find out!

Square bridal cakes look modern and can include a variety of wedding cake fillings. Today, the average bridal event has about 125 guests in attendance. In order to accommodate this moderate amount of guests, you will need a medium sized, 3 tier wedding cake. If you are inviting few guests, you should plan on a 2 tier cake, since the bride and groom traditionally keep and freeze the top layer to enjoy on their first wedding anniversary. If you are having a reception larger than 125 guests, you should include and increase a layer for every 25-30 individuals. The rule of thumb is better to have a little bit extra desert to enjoy, rather than not having enough to accommodate and feed your guests.

Overall, square cakes feed more guests than a round cake that is the same size. At least 5-10 wedding cake servings get scarified due to the lack of edges on the round cake. However, many modern brides love the look of a traditional, rounded cake. They photograph beautifully and really demand attention during wedding cake cutting songs. Brides should plan on having each layer serve about 15-20 wedding cake servings for guests.

If the concept of following a guide on serving size and the number of guests seems baffling and too complicated for you to worry about when ordering a cake, you may wish to serve a cupcake for every guests in attendance, or even consider a pastry or candy desert bar. It is actually more affordable since it is a non-traditional wedding day dessert, and you are sure to save money because you do not have to do any estimating. Many bakeries are more than happy to accommodate your desires when it comes to serving something stylish, delicious, and affordable; as well as ensuring that there will be a bite sized treat for every guest!

Wedding cake servings can be tricky when you are considering a square or round bridal cake. Follow the serving guide above to ensure you have just the right amount of the sweetest part of your celebratory meal to serve at your upcoming reception.

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