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Wedding Candy Favors Personalized Holders Ideas

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Wedding Candy FavorsWedding candy favors are a favorite at any wedding. They are affordable, easy to order or make and they are a “sweet” touch to your wedding day! Whether you order them customized or create your wedding candy favors yourselves, you cannot go wrong with candy as a small gift to your guests. Sugary almond bombonieres are an elegant favorite as a sweet wedding favor, however any sugary treat that you decide to give your guests with be received with gratitude.

For unique wedding favor ideas, if you create a personalized holder you can place any candy or sweet snack inside. For example, if you are doing Mexican wedding favors, you can make a piñata in honor of your wedding (wedding colors, pictures of you on the piñata) and fill it with a variety of candy! If you are having a rustic wedding, instead of wedding candy favors, try giving your guests maple syrup wedding favors. After purchasing small bottles of maple syrup, custom make labels for the bottles with your names and wedding date or maybe a short message to your guests. You can also make honey wedding favors the same way!

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There are several personalized candy holder options for your wedding candy favors. You can make wedding gown boxes and tuck candy inside, candy sleeves with your wedding date printed on each sleeve or little candy buckets with a customized label adhered to the front, again with your names or a short message. You can place candy inside mini wine glasses and tie a handwritten card to the stem and you can personalize a small votive candle holder and fill that with candy so that your guests can reuse it at a later date. If you want to give your guests candy in a holder that you cannot make from scratch, there are always little personal touches you can add to make the wedding favor special and unique from you and your new spouse.

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