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Wedding Catering Jacksonville Fl – Top 5 Caterers

By January 17, 2013No Comments

Catering Jacksonville Fl The catering aspect of your wedding is important. It is what not only your guests look forward to about your reception, but also remember the most! If you are in need of wedding catering in Jacksonville Fl, read on to learn which top 5 caterers you should choose for your formal or finger food catering needs.

1. RSVP Caterers offers a menu for any and every occasion. You can select any of the wedding venues in Jacksonville Fl and they will work with you to plan, deliver, and set up your traditional or contemporary bridal reception. Visit their website to read consumer testimonials, get a sense of their dishes, and to view their image gallery to get inspired.

2. Designed Events Inc. will help you put together beach wedding packages in Florida or at your favorite local venue. Their services include a fully trained staff, a menu that will be created to fit your budgetary needs, and even provide an artistic yet savory presentation with each dish served. Choose from their numerous buffet and seated menu options with steak, ribs or seafood main course. Their salad selection is relatively basic, but you can coordinate directly with the caterers to have it replaced with some more unique choices.

3. If you are looking for catering that includes not only a meal but wedding cakes in Jacksonville Fl, consider using D-Vine Cuisine. This service of catering Jacksonville Fl boasts rich and savory appetizers, elaborate entrees, and delectable desserts and wedding cakes. They will even provide caterers for your wedding if you are choosing to host a Sunday brunch or early afternoon celebration.

4. Chardonnay’s Catering is known to be one of the most elegant services of wedding catering in Jacksonville Fl. Utilizing this service is perfect if you are hosting a formal dinner or celebration from the comfort of your own home or have a preferred venue established. Chardonnay’s boasts carving stations, a full staff, and flexible menu to give you exactly what you want on your big day.

5. Mai Oui Gourmet offers some of the most contemporary dishes to serve at your bridal reception. Visit their website to get a better idea of their gourmet menu and presentations. They have won numerous awards and claim that there is no wedding too big or too small for them to cook for! Check out their photo gallery for to-die-for desert ideas!

If you need catering in Jacksonville Fl, consider one of the five caterers listed above to ensure a memorable dining experience for your guests.

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