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Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning Cost – 7 Facts You Should Know!

By November 25, 2012No Comments

Wedding Dress Dry CleaningIf you spend big bucks on your wedding dress, or simply want to preserve it to pass it on to the next generations, you must consider a wedding dress dry cleaning service that will not only clean your gown, but wrap it up so it remains in pristine condition for years to come for an affordable price. Read on to learn 7 facts about wedding dress dry cleaning costs to make sure you get the deal you need and deserve!

1. Ask before you clean! Some dry cleaning services charge different rates for cleaning and preservation depending on the brand of the dress. Vera Wang wedding dresses, among many other famous designer brands are handled and treated much differently than gowns without a designer tag.

2. Request dry cleaning only if you want to preserve it on your own. You can save money this way and most dry cleaners lump together the both of these services assuming that brides want both. Be sure to specify what you want and ask if you can get a better price without preserving your gown.

3. Tell your dry cleaner the type of material you are handing them and ask if certain materials are priced differently. You certainly do not want a surprise bill when you view how much it costs to have your vintage lace wedding gowns and other delicate fabrics cleaned!

4. Two piece wedding dresses look cute and chic for a wedding day look and they are definitely easier to clean than any other wedding dress. Be sure to ask if your wedding dress dry cleaning service charges different rates for one piece, two piece, and short hemline dresses. If they charge one flat rate, don’t be afraid to negotiate a price or shop around for a service that does charge accordingly depending on the specifications of the dress.

5. Italian wedding dress designers make their gowns with nothing but luxury in mind! Be sure to be kind to your gown after your wedding day. Some dry cleaners charge one flat rate for your gown, whether it is a designer or not. You will get the best bargain at these facilities. Some other businesses see that you have the money to purchase a luxury brand and assume you will have the money to pay more for a cleaning, so stay far away from businesses that hike up their prices for handling a designer label.

6. Keep green dry cleaners in mind that utilize environmentally sustainable ingredients that will not pollute the water and leave skin irritants on your gown.

7. If you don’t ask questions, you’ll never get answers. Be sure to ask for deals and promotions, and if the dry cleaning service can go into detail about each package they offer. Once you know more about each wedding dress dry cleaning and preserving package, you can decide if one option is better than another, and if you can create a custom package for a price that works for your wallet.

Be sure to remember these seven important tips when utilizing a wedding dress dry cleaning service after your wedding.

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