Wedding Garters Sets For Plus Size Brides


Wedding GartersNo matter what size, a bride wants to look dashing on her wedding day from head to toes. Wedding garters are peculiar pieces of brides’ wardrobe that are traditionally exposed during a playful wedding tradition. A plus size wedding garter is generously sized to ensure not tugging or pulling on your very special day.

Next to choosing the dress, picking out a wedding garters set is just as important. This is probably the first part of the bridal undergarments that will be removed by the new husband, so the bride is sure to want them to be beautiful and special. It does not matter what size the bride is, she should feel just as beautiful as any other bride on her wedding day. This can be done with picking out the perfect wedding undergarments for her to wear under her wedding dress.

The throwing of the wedding garters has been a tradition for hundreds of years. This began when there used to have to be proof of the consummation of the marriage. In order for this to be done, there needed to be “witnesses”. The garter which was a serviceable piece of clothing at the time would be taken in order to prove that the wedding was consummated. In later years, because of the embarrassment to both the bride and groom, the groom would then toss the garter rather than have the “witnesses” grabbing at different pieces of clothing. While today’s society is more modest, we still keep the symbolic tradition of throwing the wedding garters most of the time. Sometimes, this is not done, and it is just considered something special and private between the bride and groom.

Because of the different sizes of the brides, many bridal stores offer custom made and sized wedding garters just as they would for bridal fascinators which may be worn in place of a traditional veil. The wedding garters should match the wedding bustiers and the rest of the bridal theme. Wedding garters should also be something that will make the bride feel beautiful on her special day. Whatever the size of the bride, she must not overlook this important piece to her bridal ensemble.

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