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Wedding Hair Bands – Pearl Vs Crystal For A Bohemian Look?

By November 7, 2012No Comments

Wedding Hair Bands A Bohemian look is popular with modern brides-to-be. Nothing captures their relaxed and eco chic personality like a loose fitting and flowing wedding gown paired with a wedding hair band. Wedding hair bands are most popularly worn embellished with pearls or crystals. Read on to decide which wedding headpiece embellishment will look best with your wedding day Bohemian look.

Pearl wedding hair bands complement a number of gowns that have pearl embellishments on them. They look best paired with beige or off-white gowns to provide some style and contrast when worn on bridal hair styles. They add some refinement to casual wedding dresses with ease, while remaining a minimal, low key accessory. Pearls can be embellishments on hair bands that are used to pull your hair into a low pony tail or featured on headbands that are added to loose waves. They are also great to wrap around long and loose braids or side pony tails.

Crystal wedding hair bands also complement Bohemian style wedding gowns, hair, and make up. They add a pop of style and sparkle for wedding hairstyles with headband. They also add some instant elegance and glamour to casual Boho chic wedding dresses, enhance crystal lined and embellished dresses. Crystals are also mixed in with bridal hair flowers, which sit on hair bands or headbands to wrap around your wedding day hair do. Crystal hair bands look most complementary when worn as headbands that sit on top of straight parted strands.

Some Bohemian brides have also been spotted tying a crystal band around their forehead and securing it in a tight bow in the back, creating a hippie chic style to reflect their relaxed personality. This not only complements their wedding day look, but their daring and carefree personality.

Both hair bands are cost effective and can be purchased at a number of popular wedding shops and cheap online vendors for $10 to $50. They can also be worn again for formal events, so they can be considered not only an essential accessory for your wedding day look, but an investment piece for your wardrobe!

Pearl and crystal wedding hair bands put the finishing touch on Bohemian wedding day looks while remaining minimalistic, organic looking, playful, pretty, and carefree.

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