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Wedding Etiquette

Wedding Registry Etiquette – Wording In Invitations Ideas

By November 16, 2012No Comments

 wedding registry etiquetteWhen it comes to wedding registry etiquette, there are many things to consider and many creative and formal ways to word invitations that are unique while following etiquette guidelines to invite friends and family members to celebrate and share in your special day. Wedding registry etiquette has always been a touchy subject since some couples are just downright confused whether they can include a list of department stores registries in their wedding invitations or this will come across distasteful. Read on to learn more on this topic.

When it comes to wedding registry etiquette, you should register for a wide range of products in a variety of price points; some high and some low. You should also register at 3 locations to give your guests options and flexibility with shopping facility locations. Avoid registering for anything personal, like designer hand bags, jewelry, or shoes. Gifts should be for both you and your groom, and can be home, travel, entertainment, and wedding memorabilia related.

Wedding invite etiquette wording sets the tone in your wedding invitations to make each invitation celebratory and encouraging so that your guests participate in appropriate gift giving and dressing for your formal or casual affair. The invite should include pertinent details such as the date and time of your ceremony, reception, and an RSVP date and card.

Much like an engagement announcement, your wedding invitation should follow certain etiquette when it comes to listing names and titles. Generally, the bride’s parents are listed first in an announcement or on an invitation; announcing their daughter’s hand in marriage. Then, the groom’s family follows.

Many modern brides to be opt to word their invites in a poem format. Many of these poems rhyme and outline the day’s details. One poem format you may wish to use in your wedding invitations is an acrostic format. If you choose to use this approach in your wedding invites, wedding registry etiquette is to purchase more informal gifts since you did not use a formal approach to inviting friends and family members to your event. Many traditional brides opt to use formal invite wording such as, “Your presence is requested at” or “You are cordially invited.”

If you are having a destination wedding, your destination wedding invitations can also reflect this casual or formal wording depending on the type of ceremony and reception you have planned for your guests.

Wedding registry etiquette and wedding invitation etiquette can give a lot of information not only about your wedding and where it is taking place, but the tone you plan to set for your big day as well.

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